Friday, February 8, 2013

Review: High School Hangover by Stephanie Hale

Title: High School Hangover
Author: Stephanie Hale
Published November 14th 2012 by Stephanie Hale
Contemporary YA
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What an adorable book! I can’t even begin to explain how much I love The-Hangover type of books. When I was younger my favorite book of all time was this novel I found on my mom’s forbidden Harlequin box, about a girl that was saving her bff’s butt by getting his fiancĂ© so drunk they ended up in Vegas, married and with no memory. I know, I know, not the kind of read a 12-year-old should have in her hands but I never followed the rules in what books concerned.

So it wasn’t actually that surprising that I ended up really enjoying this one. Laney was the valedictorian of her class and after her speech fiasco she decides to live a little and go to a party. You can guess things don’t turn out awesome for Laney but they definitely turned out funny for me.

I loved Laney, she’s a bit like me, except I don’t have her high IQ so I actually have to study. I get her excessive worrying about school and her compulsive studying, sometimes I don’t want to leave my house either but she just proved me that when you let yourself go you might end up having an amazing time.

Jack was another amazing cookie. I figured him out from page one but I was still delighted to hear his confessions towards the end. And seriously, who can not-love a guy named Jack? It’s practically a crime!

Now, in all through the chaos and the haze, Jack and Rose Laney end up hitching a ride from a bunch of senior citizens. People, you don’t know this about me but I love old people. I am even considering specializing in Geriatrics; I just can’t resist their charms. And I didn’t resist the charms of J&L’s travel companions, they were just the cutest bunch of funny lunatics, I loved every one of them, even Milly aka the GILF (that means what you think it means).

Yes, the story was a bit predictable, yes some things were unrealistic, and yes, the cover is kind of a turn-off; but I loved every minute I spend reading this book and the smile didn’t left my face way after I finished it.


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