Rating System

My rating system might look complicated at first, but have no fear!
it's actually simple :)
just think of it as stars, apples, hot guys, muffins, ladybugs... [insert endless list of nouns]

1 lonely heart = NOT FOR ME.

I think it might be causing my heart tissue a major necrosis.

 2 hearts = IT WAS OKAY

2 hearts and a kidney = IT WAS MORE THAN OKAY
Proceed carefully, because this kidney may have one or two kidney stones in it.

3 hearts = I LIKED IT ENOUGH

3 hearts and a kidney = I LIKED IT MORE THAN  ENOUGH
One kidney is enough to survive but with major precautions (no beer or soda, for example).

4 hearts = I LOVED IT

4 hearts and a kidney = NEAR PERFECTION
But remember, you still have one kidney but it is working just fine.

Your five hearts are in perfect condition, you're so happy you can actually donate them and make sadness dissapear from this planet.