Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Review: The Leaving Season by Cat Jordan

Title: The Leaving Season Author: Cat JordanExpected publication: March 1st 2016 by HarperTeenGoodreads   Amazon

The Leaving Season is a coming of age story. I read a lot of those so I can be very picky about them, but I have to say I loved this one. The first third of it, we are presented with the golden couple, Middie and Nate. Middie is completely submerged in her love for Nate, everything about her life revolves around Nate, who she thinks is perfect. And who knows, he might actually be, but I'm sick of girls defining who they are because of the guy they are with. So I didn't care very much about this part.

Then on the second third, when tragedy strikes, Middie is forced to deal with a life without Nate. I'm not glad something happened to him, but I couldn't help but be happy that Middie was about to embark on a life-changing journey. She somehow manages to do so with the help of Lee, Nate's slacker best friend. This was my favorite part of the novel because I finally got to see who Meredith (Middie) was, and I liked her. I loved her. She was in control of her life for once and I rejoiced in watching her honestly grow in giant leaps. I also really liked Lee, not only because he was funny and understanding, but because he played such an important job in showing Meredith that she didn't need anyone to define her.

But then of course we have to have conflict and  it comes in the last third. And I was crushed. Meredith took twenty steps backward and returned to the blind person she was. I was so sad to see her turn into that girl again, I knew she had to realize everything she did was wrong and it was annoying that it took so long for her to come to senses.

But she finally did. 

So I think after all it was a great read. I can't say I didn't enjoy it because it had parts that were absolutely brilliant, if only a bit unrealistic, but it's clear Jordan can tell a story, and a good one at that. I was very emotionally attached to this novel and to me that's a win itself. Definitely recommended.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Review. The Shadow Queen (Ravenspire #1) by C.J. Redwine

Title. The Shadow Queen (Ravenspire #1) Author. C.J. RedwineExpected publication: February 16th 2016 by Balzer + Bray[ goodreads ]  [ amazon ]________________________________

Though fantasy is not my thing, The Shadow Queen proved what I've always known but sometimes need a reminder of, a good book is always entertaining, no matter the genre. And The Shadow Queen definitely was.

I loved the story. Yeah, I know it's supposed to be a retelling of Snow White but what I liked about it was that it was also original and unexpected. I swear I wasn't reading the same story I knew as a kid, even though I was, it was new.

The author added a lot of new layers to the story, like our MC possessing magic just like the wicked witch. And our hero being half dragon, which absolutely rocked.

The characters were awesome. Each of them have all the qualities a good character should have, honest and awesome. I loved everyone, even the annoying wicked witch, she was very well crafted to make you believe she wasn't just evil, but misunderstood and angry. It all made sense.

The world building was very good, I could paint a perfect picture of the setting. It added a lot to the sense of Magic the whole story transmitted. And I would honestly think (even if I am no way an authority in Fantasy) that the Shadow Queen is going to be a hit this year.

ps. How awesome is the author's last name?

pps. I'm not sure about it being a series, I thought it ended perfectly! No cliffhanger, no need to take it somewhere else, but well let's see.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Review: Remembrance (The Mediator #7!) by Meg Cabot

Title: Remembrance (The Mediator #7!) 
Author: Meg Cabot 
Expected publication: 
February 2nd 2016 by William Morrow
Goodreads !  Amazon  

So I realize you and I don’t know each other, that’s why it’s hard to explain how in love with The Mediator series I am, because if you have met me it would be so obvious. Probably every person I know knows that I love books, and pretty much everyone knows that The Mediator is my numero uno. It’s the series that got me hooked on Young Adult. It’s how I discovered God’s gift to YA, Meg Cabot. I have pretty much memorized each book on the series thanks to the number of times I have re-read the books in the last decade.

This is my obsession.

And I knew that Meg had plans to write another Mediator book for a long looong time. I have been waiting anxiously to revisit my favorite cast of characters and the gorgeous setting they live in. And it’s finally time.

When I started reading I decided I was going to write from the point of view of someone that is not familiar with the story. Just to see how I would enjoy it. But that thought flew out the window with the first sentence I read. I was transported to the golden days of my youth when the feeling of bliss reading gave me was nearly too much for my sanity. I swear it was so good.

Suze’s voice is still so inherent Suze, so familiar and true, that I can’t help but wonder if Meg even realizes it’s been nearly a decade since the last book. It was a big part of why reading Remembrance was so magical.

But then of course Meg seemed to have read my thoughts exactly. I wrote this pre-review on goodreads almost two years ago, when she said she started writing the novel, and every question I had, every thought, was answered to my highest expectations.

It’s not every day you get a wish come true, that’s why I was thankful to have this novel, even if it sucked. It didn’t. It was perfect. It was the same Suze that I have loved forever. The same Ackerman family, that has grown to be the best adoptive family in the world, I was so happy to see Suze’s stepbrothers had turned into brilliant men that I might have shed a tear of two. I knew Jake and Dave had it in them, but even Brad? I won the lottery. And CeeCee and Adam? The same loving, supporting friends. Father Dominic? AMAZING. Paul? He’s still a jerk but still I was infinitely happy to see him! He’s sort of the comic relief too, and I’ve always felt bad for him as a teenager. Now he’s an adult so it made it harder to sympathize with him, though I could never hate him.

Even the ghost busting was turned to the next level. The stories were harder and sadder. The villains ages above the crimes everyone in the previous books ever committed. Which made it easy for me to invest myself in the mystery and not only in the excitement of seeing my old pals.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t focus a whole chunk of my brain on them. Namely Jesse. Jesse who has been my boyfriend for longer than half my life. Jesse who loves kids and medicine as much as I do. Jesse who speaks softly in Spanish. Jesse who makes every other guy on earth pale in comparison. He was exactly the perfect guy he has been for almost two centuries. I can’t even keep on writing because I’d cry and my mom is watching because I’m supposed to be happy right now (I’m writing this review as everyone else is celebrating that the new year is coming in just a few hours).

So anyway, you see why I am biased and would never write a perfectly coherent review for this book. But what I hope I transferred to you is this… Is not for nothing I have kept this series by my side for such a long time. It’s full of everything that makes Young Adult great. It’s a classic. It’s something you can’t miss.