Thursday, December 1, 2022

Review: The Last Encore by Elodie Colliard

The Last EncoreThe Last Encore by Elodie Colliard
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


I really hate to write reviews about books I did not enjoy but I really have to because I promised Netgalley that I would. Here we go:

This is about Avery and Josh who were best friends in high school and then something happened and then they got separated and Josh left to Europe and Audrey stayed in Canada being sad.

The thing is that there wasn't any plot to it, most of the book was just Avery SAYING things. Her talking about how she and Josh were best friends but never like any indications of their friendship except her SAYING they were, and then Avery talking about her clothes and her body and her cat but never really anything going on.

I also kind of hated the ++++TRIGGER WARNING ALERT FOR SENSITIIVE CONTENT++++ use of a sexual assault in the book context. I really felt like it was there just for dramatic purposes. Like I know it's an important topic but to me it just felt like it was written for there to be an acceptable enough reason for things to fall apart like that. I don't know.

And in the end I just really felt like the book kind of was a little too fanfic? Anyway, try it for yourself and like always, don't let me be in the way of you and the books you are excited about.

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Review: Holiday Romance by Catherine Walsh

Holiday RomanceHoliday Romance by Catherine Walsh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Let me just start this review saying I FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK.

Honestly, so much about this Holiday season is already off the charts and that makes me so happy. I've read Catherine Walsh before (One Night Only) and really liked her, so I knew that I had to give a Christmas book by her a chance and boy was I right! Holiday Romance hit all the right marks:
---absolutely adorable main hero with an artistic vibe and a huge Christmas obsession = check
---hilarious clueless heroine with a maniac thirst for a challenge = check
---a long time friendship that splayed out 10 years of 10-hour flights to Ireland = check
---gorgeous European and American scenary (even if it was just airports some times, but also PARIS) = check
---entertaining and fun side characters that made me want an entire book about them = check
---a slow burn romance that was also SO MATURE AND REALISTIC AND OMG I LOVE THEMM MOLLY & ANDREW 4EVA = check

So this all accounts for a very VERY happy Melannie who is ready to turn on all the Christimas lights I find and watch my energy bill shoot through the roofs just for a temporary pleasure because I AM THAT HAPPY YOU GUYS.


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Friday, September 23, 2022

Review: When In Rome by Sarah Adams 😘 🥧 🎤

When in RomeWhen in Rome by Sarah Adams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When In Rome
Amelia Rose is a famous popstar who has had it with her never-ending pleasing personality and just wants a break, in the form of a trip to Rome. But since she can’t leave the country (big tour coming! Tickets available) she goes to Rome, Kentucky instead.

Rome, Kentucky is where Noah Walker is at. You ask who this person is? Well, then, he is this grumpy young man who is emotionally unavailable since he got his heartbroken so now spends his days manning the family Pie Shop and keeping a careful eye on his sisters and grandma.

This is a romance, guys. And romance we get. It’s a quick fall, but an enjoyable one nonetheless. I mean yeah the way everything unfolds to get Amelia and Noah together is highly unrealistic and sometimes borderline dumb but I ate it up because who wants reality anyway? Give me a hard and fast falling in love hallmark channel style any day over the reality in cnn.

Anyway, I truly can say that I had a wonderful time reading this and can’t wait to dig into the stories of Noah’s sisters (which I am sure are coming, there were many hints) so if you need me I’ll be lining up over here waiting.

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Monday, September 19, 2022

Review: Ride With Me 🚗 by Lucy Keating

Ride With MeRide With Me by Lucy Keating
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was so excited to dig into Ride With Me, I mean I’ve always thought being a taxi driver (or rideshare app driver) was such a cool way to meet people and get to listen to interesting stories about them so I was more than up to the task of reading about Charlie’s adventures. And I really liked her, she is a total artist yet she is definitely the quiet, introverted type that would much rather ride in silence (insert dead emoji here because I did not expect that) thankfully for me (and sadly for her) she ends up responsible for a minor car crash that gets her stuck with a constant passenger.

Enter Andre, the towns party-boy and overall much-loved extroverted person who sends Charlie’s nerves on fire. So while these two learn to walk in each other’s shoes we are treated to an all around wholesome and entertaining ride of self discovery and first love.

What else can you ask for in a summer novel, amirite?

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