Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review: The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen

Title: The Moon and More
Author: Sarah Dessen
Published June 4th 2013 by Viking Juvenile
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I honestly cannot believe I am going to read a 'meh' review for this book, but sadly, my heart isn't in it because I did not find it that great.
Y'all know I love Sarah Dessen. She's one of the writers who got me into YA, also the author of many of my favorite books. I love her as a person and as a writer. So it's hard for me when I less than love anything she writes.
This time though, I gotta admit that I had a hard time connecting with her story. Emmaline is a beach girl who is going through the phase of branching out of her old routes and leaving Colby (I know! Colby where Auden and Eli met!) her hometown. But is the outside everything that's cracked up to be? or is she not appreciating what she has now?
I, for the life of me, could not care about Emmaline, I feel like Sarah Dessen tried to make her likable by making her situation with her dad a very unfortunate one, but even then, I just couldn't muster any warm feelings towards her and her first world problems. I couldn't get over that she kissed Theo hours after she broke up with Luke, her boyfriend of years.
And then I didn't even liked Theo from the beggining, so I felt like I was waisting my time since I didn't care where their relationship went. I liked Luke but he wasn't in the book that much anyway.
The only reasonably good parts where when Emmaline's brother, Benji, was in the picture. He was a cutie that brighten the scene he was in. And also, Colby, for a hardcore fan like me, re-visiting Colby was one of the great perks of this book, made me wish I was at the beach reading.
So there, I didn't really liked this book but honestly, nothing Sarah Dessen writes can ever be bad, so it's just not for me.


  1. Too bad this wasn't the book for you. Like you, I love Sarah Dessen, so I'll still be reading this one despite the kinda meh reviews it's been getting.

    1. It's good but I guess I am spoiled and want all her books to be superb, like This Lullaby and Just Listen :/


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