Friday, June 24, 2011

About Melannie.

And who is Melannie, you ask?

Well she's this blog author. She's 19 going on 50. No, really; she's the kind of girl that when she finally gets a day off she likes to stay at home and read for pleasure, sometimes she even knits scarves.

But don't be afraid, she is no grandma; she has ridden all the dangerous rides at six flags and she loves spicy food and her favorite thing to eat is hot peppers. Her favorite band is McFly, because she loves good lyrics and fine english men.
But now, Melannie is older and wiser and has stopped putting herself through dangerous situations.
NOT REALLY. She actually decided to apply for med school and got in. She's about to start her fourth year there and has never been happier. When naive strangers have the nerve to ask Melannie how is it possible that she has time to read FOR PLEASURE while also being in Med School, she always answers with the same sentence: BOOKS ARE VITAL. You can't go on everyday without them, so you better find time for them. So if you ever happen to see her in person, don't be scared of the huge purpuish bags under her
blood-shot eyes, she probably comes from an all-night date...
with her 1000-pages med books.

Melannie likes to write too. She wrote her first book when she was five years old, it was called "The boy and the spaceship".  Her dad claims it is her best work, and although she wouldn't admit it in public, she thinks so too.  She has a huge love for the universe and claims that the Hubble telescope is the second best invention ever (number 1 being plumbing). Back to the Future is one of her favorite movies, she has seen it about 20 times; and even quotes it at random. She is a strong believer of personal hygiene (don't judge her, she's has already taken a parasitology class). Blue is her favorite color and she cries when she watches Extreme Makeover.

There has been several complains from Melannie's neighbors about her singing in very high decibels at night, but she has made no comment about it.

Book reviews are something Melannie does for fun, she likes writting her experiences down. She can babble a lot too, so don't expect short reviews coming from her.

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  1. Whoa MED School!
    Aren't you a lovable little nerd :P
    Anyways thanks for visiting my blog!!


    I loved what you said about how you keep writing everywhere!!I wish I could say the same for myself!
    But I just doodle!

    New follower btw


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