Friday, June 24, 2011

This blog's purpose:

I've always said I didn't want to create a blog because I don't really have time to write reviews,
but just a few days ago I found myself in my goodreas page and I happened to glance my review count:
turns out I have written 133 reviews! 133 REVIEWS in just over a year.

So I couldn't keep lying to myself, even If I didn't have a goodreads page (which I do) I know I would still write reviews for every book I read, just because I like writting things down:
I take notes at every single one of my classes. I write book reviews. I write post-it notes to myself all the time. I write in the margins of the newspaper before I even read it. I write complain letters to my teachers (but I never send them). And I write down song's lyrics just cause.

So yep, I decided it was time to make a blog. And this is it.
I believe wholeheartedly, that books are vital. That's why my blog is called that.

vi·tal /ˈvītl/
Adjective: Absolutely necessary or important; essential: "secrecy is of vital importance". 

If you believe that books are as important as, hmm say... vitamins (or your heart or kidney)
then I like you, let's be friends! (:

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