Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Review: Tempestuous by Kim Askew & Amy Helmes

Title: Tempestuous: A Modern-Day Spin on Shakespeare's The Tempest
Authors: Kim Askew & Amy Helmes
Expected publication: December 18th 2012 by Merit Press
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So once in a while something totally unexpected happens, like finding a ten-dollar bill on the street or discovering there’s only 2 girls in your class, both of them named Melannie. OR starting a book and loving it from page one, that’s what happen to me while I read Tempestuous, loved it from page 1 ‘till the very last one.

Miranda is an ambitious girl, who kind of has the power of getting people to do what she wants. She’s popular and beautiful yet the authors managed to make her likable. I loved her from the start because she’s so witty, and she means no harm, she’s just used to having people offering to do stuff for her but it’s not like she’s bossing them around. Well, at least not after that pesty situation that made her fall from grace at her private school and has her working for minimum wage at the food court in the mall.

Caleb’s another awesome part of the story; I loved his mysteriousness and his intelligence. He’s also a musician, which can only make your knees weak. He works at the gaming & magic shop at the mall too (!!) so he's like Miranda’s total opposite.

It was hilarious to see the dynamics between these two. I thought that sticking them together (literally, they’re handcuffed to each other during the book) was a brilliant idea, kudos for that because it made the couple’s progressive emotional attachment more believable and the story 100% more entertaining.

I actually loved all the characters, they all have personalities that stood out, and the authors managed to leave clich├ęs aside, and you know how difficult that is when you’re writing high-school-aged characters. I especially loved that Miranda’s friendship with her previous best friends from private school wasn’t completely lost and that she showed so much growth during the course of one night.

The mystery of the mall thief was also a great addition to the story, even though I figured it out early on, I still enjoyed watching it develop.

So really, great book; super entertaining, funny, clean and perfect for teens and adults alike. I wish it was a movie, since the story moves so fast, it’d probably have a smooth transition to the big screen, Hollywood: make it happen. ‘Till then, I’ll be re-reading it a couple of times this winter break.

PS. Y'all, perfect gift for christmas! I wish my family cared enough to ask me what I want for christmas, 'cause I would say that I don't want a lot for christmas, there is just one thing I need... Tempestuous ;)
I'm just gonna say this: THEY'RE HANCUFFED!
how is a girl supposed take care of her business with a guy there?!


  1. Fun review-I really enjoyed reading this too! I just wish I knew the story of The Tempest better so that I could compare.

    1. yeah me too, but actually (I'm gonna get burn for this) I don't really like Shakespeare. Old english is kind of a pain in the butt and at the end the stories (most of them) weren't really worth the effort :/

      so I'm happy and having fun reading re-tellings :)


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