Monday, May 6, 2013

Review: The S word by Chelsea Pitcher

Title: The S word 
Author: Chelsea Pitcher
Contemporary YA
Expected publication: May 7th 2013 by Gallery Books
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I am really really sad because this book had so much potential. The synopsis is engaging enough to make you think you are in for an emotional, thrilling ride with bullies and suicide and lost friendships. But what it truly delivers is a twisted, amateurish novel.

The mystery felt too childish. And the characters were unreal; they were like 50-year-old actors trying to be teenagers. And the writing was just weird and awkward. And pretty much everything Angie did make me uncomfortable.

SPOILER IN THIS PARAGRAPH: Another thing I have yet to process is Angie and Jesse. Jesse is Angie’s classmate, who dresses in skirt and is the reason his school has a Gay-Straight Alliance, but yet, he fell for a girl, he always thought he was gay but then he fell in love with two girls; so hey, points for originality, I haven’t read that before. But still, I think both Jesse and me are confused by this sudden change of direction (or sexuality I guess). I wanted to really ship Jesse & Angie as a couple, but my head was still trying to wrap itself around the fact that: WHAT? He wears dresses and skirts with converse and Angie is like “it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen”. I mean: ????????.

I was just too confused towards the end. Oh and the real person Lizzie was in love with? Who wouldn’t have seen that coming? I bet everyone did, so I was really mad they dragged it for so long.

So everyone was so psychotic it was hard to sympathize with any of them; but the one I hated the most was: Lizzie. She wasn’t even technically in the story yet she was unbelievably annoying. Every single entry in Lizzie’s diary made me pull my hair off of my skull. I don’t know what was happening, was the author trying to make us see she was oh so good, and nice and possibly the best girl in the world, or was it just that she doesn’t know teenagers don’t talk like that? Anyways, it was infuriating.

Oh my gosh, and the twist! That “twist” or whatever you call it. Did Angie have a split-personality disorder? Did she sleep-walk? What is going on?! Not one single clue was laid that Angie might have had something to do with it. It felt like the author pulled it out of her sleeve like a last resort or something.

The good thing and what kept me going was that there was some wit thrown in there and also, because I’m a sucker for novels with prom-queen-gone-emo. Also I have to confess I snorted/laughed out loud in some parts which are always a good sign for me.

So honestly, I can’t tell you not to read this one, or to read it. I have no way to advice you, but I can tell you that it ended up being not what I thought it would.


  1. Interesting to read your thoughts as I have this coming up in my reading pile-the general consensus I've seen is that this novel is kind of out there and not what was expected. I am hoping this will help me prepare to read it for myself.

    1. Definitely NOT expected, it is like the psycho cousin of a YA book. It's been 4 months since I read it and I'm still upset and bothered.


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