Thursday, February 22, 2018

Review: Together at Midnight by Jennifer Castle

Title: Together at Midnight 
Author: Jennifer Castle
Published January 2nd 2018 by HarperTeen
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I think this book was definitely a good start for the new year. Together at Midnight was a fun, fast read, even though it is not exactly supposed to be that. It starts with our two main characters, Max and Kendall, witnessing a terrible accident and practically doing nothing to stop it from happening. The guilt of what happened makes them accept a dare in which they have to perform seven acts of kindness. It turns out harder than expected.

I like the realness of this book. In real life not everything is what’s cracked up to be, and Maxie and Kendall learn that through it all. I was immediately attached to both of them, since we share a lot of character traits, and I wanted them to keep going and I shipped them so hard. And yet. Yet I was totally okay with that ending. Oh yes, even old hopeless romantic me thought there was not another possible way to end the book, because of reasons you have to read for yourself.

The one thing, though, that I can complain about, is the lack of development of secondary characters. Some of them we got a glimpse of, like grandpa big E, who I absolutely loved because he reminded me of my own grumpy grandpa. But there were several characters who I felt lacked a purpose. For example Ari, who is supposed to be Kendall’s best friend but apart from Kendall always mentioning that I didn’t get to see much of a reason for the apparently amazing friendship. And the practically nonexistent older brothers, the parents, and pretty much all family members except for Kendall’s brother Emmerson.

But oh well, I could live with it. And it didn’t affect my reading experience (much).I still raced through the book in a few hours and honestly had some laugh out loud moments and the obvious cringe of the youth, which is basically an all around win.

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