Thursday, July 21, 2011

Follow Friday [2]

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This week's question: 
Q. Name 3 authors that you would love to sit down and spend an hour or a meal with just talking about either their books or get advice on writing from?

She's funny and witty and knows everything there is to know about pop culture. Plus she's write tons of fabulous books, most of them New York Times bestsellers, and she's traveled too! I bet she has fantastic stories to tell!.
Author of The Princess Diaries,
 The Mediator series <3 and The Vanished series <3

She just seems like such a nice girl! like she could be anyone's bestfriend, and so down to earth even if she has an incredibly famous book out and one of the most anticipated books for this year.

She is incredibly random! I love random people and in her blog she can be talking about her book one minute and the next she launches into a story about Volcanoes and zombies and squirrels and japanesse horror movies :S and let's face it, we all like people with entretaining conversations, she's def one of them!
Author of Some Girls Are <3 and Cracked Up To Be <3

I'm sooo sorry I forgot her! she's awesomesauce! I loooove her! her books are all about empowering girls and in her stories they all go kicking butt around the world without needing a boy to give them a reason to live. AND she's incredibly helpful and informative in her blog, thanks Ally!
 Author of The Gallagher Girls series <3
and Heist Society <3 and Uncommon Criminals I recently reviewed here ;)


  1. Cool choices! We match on the Meg Cabot! Your blog is really psychedelic, new follower :)

  2. I loved Anna and the French Kiss. I think Stephanie would be a fabulous choice. Don't you just want to organize a get together for a bunch of them?

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  3. Great author choices! I chose Stephanie Perkins as well!

    New follower :-) Happy Friday!

    Jessi @ Reading in the Corner

  4. Hi there, I'm hopping through. I wish I had thought to add photos of the authors I chose. I may have to go back and do that!

    Have a great weekend!

    Holjo @ Pedantic Phooka

  5. Wow, great choices! I especially love Meg Cabot! Amazing! New follower :)

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  6. Hopping through. Totally with you on Stephanie. Love her! And I'd love to grill Ally for Gallagher Girls secrets.
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  7. Just hopping through. Meg Cabot seems like she is super nice. I am a new follower. =)

    Danielle @Ramblings From This Chick

  8. You have some really great Authors on you question!

    Just stopping by to say hi! I am new to this Follow Friday Fun but am looking forward to finding a bunch of new exciting blogs.

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  9. Just hopping on through and stopping by to say a friendly hello. Am a new follower now. Awesome author pics! I picked Meg Cabot too. I totally forgot about Ally Carter and Stephanie Perkins!

    Happy follow Friday.

    Felicia@ Livin' Life Through Books

  10. New follower hopping through. I picked Meg Cabot too! She's one of my favorites.

    Have a good weekend! :)

    Reader's Refuge

  11. Meg Cabot is one I would choose to you.

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  12. Hi and happy Friday!

    Great author choices..

    My FF,

    Have a nice weekend :)

  13. NICE selection! I am new to FF and therefore new follower to you! Great to be here, this is proving to be so much fun!

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  14. Great Choices. Havent read there books but Ally Carter's is one I want to read. Hopefully I will one day.
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  15. Great choices! You can check mine out at Fuzzy.Coffee.Books!
    Have a great weekend!

  16. I met Meg at a signing and she is hilarious! Stephanie Perkins is a great choice too!

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  17. Hi, new follower stopping by! Great answers to the Follow Friday question and good author choices! Happy Friday and check out my Follow Friday post on my blog!


  18. New follower hopping through!

    Stephanie Perkins is super cute! I haven't read anything by her but I shall look her up. :)

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  19. New follower hopping on through on gfc as countrysunset40.

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  20. New follower and first time FF poster. :) I definitely have to read Anna and the French Kiss. I love how you formatted this post with the author photos and their titles.
    Dawn @ Read Love

  21. How could I forget Meg Cabot?! Great choices!
    New follower!
    Meg @ The Book Addicted Girl

  22. I follow Stephanie Perkins on Twitter, and she's hilarious. Awesome choice. :]

    By the way, I'm a new follower!


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