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Review: The Boys Next Door by Jennifer Echols

Title: The boys next door
Author: Jennifer Echols
Mass Market Paperback, 317 pages
Published June 26th 2007 by Simon Pulse
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Slowly but surely I've come to love Jennifer Echols books.
It's just that she has this awesome writing style.. so carefree, and fearless... teenagery.

So whenever I start a book from her, especially one of this 'old' ones, I just know it's gonna be funny, cute and good times at full (oh and sexy times too *wink*)

This book didn't let me down!

It had the extra awesome factor I loooooove with passion:
Boy and Girl best friend realize they want something more ;)

I loved all the funny interactions between the five friends.
Lori new femme fatale, her tidy and composed brother McGillicuddy,
and the three brothers next door: Adam the youngest *swoon*, Sean the heartbreaker middle child, and Cameron the forever cool first born.

There was so much funniness in this book. A huge part of this can be blamed on Lori,
She is a tomboy that only hangs out with her college brother and her neighbors next door, three extremely handsome, extremely manly, sailor boys.
Even though there were a lot of boys in this story, I never lost track of who was who, they might have looked very similar on the outside but each of them had a different personality that made them stood out.

Lori is the best, she's witty and sassy and so freaking funny. She would always have the perfect comeback and she was no chicken when it came to try new tricks with the boys. But some time now she has been feeling the need to become more girlish so she can catch Sean's (hearthrob middle child) attention.
But she's still a tomboy, she can't help but kick ass while wakeboarding...

 ...Which Sean hates. Adam (baby brother and best friend) is another story, he's always
encouraging Lori to do what she likes and go get what she wants, even if it hurts him (Due to his secret crush on her).

I loved Adam since I first laid eyes on him (so to speak). This boy is awesomeness, he has an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,  gets called LD (for Learning Dissability), and is the youngest of three boys; you can probably guess he gets picked on ALL THE TIME.
And oh boy he does. But that doesn't stop him, he tries hard to be treated normaly, he tries hard to fit in with his brothers and friends by doing stupid stuff and getting hurt. His life is like a Jackass episode. And just as passionaly as he takes everything in his life,
he's madly in love with Lori, who (saddly) has THE BIGGEST crush on Sean.

Sean is Adam's brother, he's the one in the middle and opposed to what people might think, he is the one that gets all the attention.
Everyone is in love with him even though he could be the BIGGEST jerk. But he could be very charming too.

But you have to read to see how this mess gets fixed (or does it stay a mess?)

All the book is made of awesome characters, extremely cute kissing scenes, and oh so funny and witty comebacks.
Now throw in some wakeboarding falls, and one or two fist fights and you have a book I would be re-reading pretty soon!


  1. What a fun review. I added this book to my wishlist.


  2. Excellent review! I have this in my shopping cart and after reading this I can not wait to read this one. I have only just discovered Jennifer Echols as I seem to be leaning towards YA Romance these days for something different.

    I read Going to far and loved it.

    Great Post!

  3. I haven't read Going Too Far, but that one and Love Story are on its way to me :D Read Forget You and loved it, though!

    I used to read Adult Romance and that was everything I read, and when I discovered Jennifer Echols I loved her, because her books are not that different from adult romance,

    they're mature and sexy and the stories are a bit more complicated than guy and girl instanly fall for eachother

  4. Hey, great blog and very original! This is how I feel about books and reading too :-) I'm copying your button to my blog



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