Monday, July 4, 2011

Review: Never Eighteen by Megan Bostic

Title: Never Eighteen
Author: Megan Bostic
Expected publication: January 17th 2012 by HMH Children's Books

It might be a little early to review this book, seeing as it comes out about six months from now. But I saw the description on goodreads and it's been raining for a few days now and I guess I was in the moon cause I just knew I had to read it. Soon.

It was a beautiful story,
I loved it. This book is about Austin, a 17 year old boy that has cancer. He wakes up some day
and decides to do something meaningful with the time he has left, so with the help of his best friend and secret crush, Kaylee,
he's off in a mission to help the people he's known all his life, whose problems were always obvious to him but he never do anything
about it. But the time has come for him to face the fact that if he loves this people, he needs to do something to make them enjoy
their lives. Because that's something he no longer has, life time.

The journey was interesting, definitely interesting. ALL this people in Austin life were FULL of problems, they were literally sunk in an ocean of darkness that sometimes it was
difficult to believe, I mean from a girl that was raped and turned into an anorexic drug addict to a gay friend still in the closet, to a lonely working mom that lost her child (one of Austin's bestfriends) a few years before,
and there was also the guy with a drinking problem and the separated parents that didn't speak to eachother anymore, and the renagated grandma. So yeah I might have found myself rolling my eyes at the pages a few times.
I just couldn't understand why a such a nice boy like Austin would let all this time passed without doing something about it before?

But I can't blame him, though. I mean he had cancer, he was just a teenage boy, I think it's safe to say he might have been absorbed in his own problems.
The good thing is that he decided to change things and just in time. I loved him. I think he was sweet and loyal and selfless, but most of all, he was brave.
Not anyone would have spend his/her time (much less when he/she had so little time left) trying to help people that were by no means interested in getting help.

I really liked the parts when Austin and his best friend Kaylee were together. Those times when they were hiking, when they went to the fair or the music museum,
or just when they were riding in her car. It was an emotional ride; reading Austin struggling with his feelings was hard, but at the end I got rewarded with a beautiful
ending. The perfect ending. That last letter was perfect! I think it gave us the perfect last glance of who Austin Parker was, a joyful teenager that loved indie music,
the ocean, good books and most of all, he loved Kaylee. Epic romance, everyone that reads this will close this book wishing they had something half as amazing as Austin's love for Kaylee.

You will shed a few tears with this one!

Favorite quotes:

It's three hearts and a kidney, actually, but I don't know where my kidney pics are ):

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