Tuesday, August 30, 2011

[ -In My Mailbox- ]

You all know what this meme is all about right?
No? well, it's about sharing the books you got that week.

I don't usually do this because
a) I'm busy all the time and b) I'm busy all the time, oh wait I already said that...

*awkward silence*


So why did I decided to do it this week?
Oh that's easy, because I got awesome books this week!
3 of them by one of my favorite authors
and 1 of them is one of my 'most anticipated' reads of 2011
and the last is just soooo cute!

First pic (won over at Anna Reads & Joyous Reads via Mike Mullin) [Thank You SO much]:
And I got one from Netgalley:

I've read all of Ms. Echols Romantic Comedies (LOVE 'em) and I've also read Forget You before (LOVED it too) so I'm so excited to try out the two remaining novels by her that I havent read :D

Ashfall. *swoon* I swear the day I learned I have won a copy of this book was the best day of my life! haha seriously, it sounds sooooo good! I love postapocalyptic books. (It doesn't come out until October 11th but courtesy of Mike you can read the first 2 chapters here)

And finally, The Juliet Spell. As soon as I found out it was about a witch and Shakespeare's younger brother I was sold! Thank God, Netgalley had it, I didn't think I was gonna able to wait until September 27th.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I really enjoyed Forget you, but I absolutely loved Going to Far! John After - swoon! I can't wait to read Love Story and I hope it lives up to the previous ones!

    Check out my IMM here - http://lostinayabook.blogspot.com/2011/09/in-my-mailbox-8.html

    Emma @ LostinaYAboook.blogspot.com

  2. Seems like you got a pretty good IMM! I hope you enjoy them all. :) My IMM can be found here!

  3. Looks like a few good books. I have a few of jennifer echols books and I got ashfall this week too.

  4. Awesome Jennifer Echols' pack. You'll love Going Too Far!

    - Mary [ Anxirium | IMM ]


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