Monday, August 1, 2011

Review: No use for a name by Penny Wright

Title: No Use For a Name
Author: Penny Wright
Kindle Edition
Published June 5th 2011 by Penny Wright

No Use For A Name is one of those books where you're taken from point to point in the story without actually getting much information so you just jump to conclusions and start rooting for someone only to be left out at the end with so many twists that you don't even know what's going on?
That's exactly what happened to me.

This book is the story of Baby Girl Anderson, a girl who is really poor and has a horrible,, abusive family. And she, being the youngest one, tends to keep a low profile so she doesn't get in much trouble with them. But then one day when she goes to get her driver's license, she finds out that Baby is actually her name, not a nickname, because her parents never got around to name her (she has 4 siblings, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel and Monica *the parents ran out of girl characters from Friends*).

So Baby enters a indentity crisis, she must choose a name for herself, but she's only 15 years old, she says stuff without thinking it through, so when she meets bad boy Derek, she tells him her name is Barbie, the slut; and for Good Boy Grady she's Mary, a nice christian girl.

You can probably guess this lying game gets her in a lot of trouble and very uncomfortable situations, especially because she has no idea with who she should be with.
I didn't hate Baby, even though she made A LOT of decisions I didn't agree with. But she was still very annoying at times. And I also didn't like how "the boys" Derek and Grady were portrayed. I mean Grady was sooooo nice and cute and sweet and Derek seemed like such a JERK, that when the time came for his true confesion I had a hard time believing, actually I'm pretty sure I rolled my eyes at it. I rolled my eyes a lot now that I think about it, must have been because there was so much going on, everybody had like 99 problems, they just kept poping out. Although giving the setting and the character's background I guess I must have seen it sooner.

I also must admit, that all the religious and sex talk bothered me a lot, it has a lot to do with why this book didn't quite satisfy me, but maybe it is just what someone out there is looking for, what do I know? It is quick and easy going and has an original plot. (:

But beware: there's a lot of sex talk and religious issues all through the book. It deals with Chistianity, atheism and gay people.

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