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Review: Body and Soul by Stacey Kade

Title: Body & Soul
Author: Stacey Kade
Published May 1st 2012 by Hyperion
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WARNING: This review contains a lot of spoilers for the people that have not read this series. Check out my review of book one to see if you think it's worth a try! ;)

I just finished, and I’m too freaked out to write anything…

*a day later*

So, this was weird. I mean all through the book this was my face:

It was just so weird. Let me explain.

Alona is still stuck in Lily’s body, she and Will are trying to find out a way for Alona to be out and Lily to survive without Alona’s spirit in her. I’m like, good, you’re making sense. But when they go see this crazy psychic, they run into Misty, Alona’s former best friend and boyfriend stealer extraordinaire, who claims she’s being haunted by Alona. Alona is of course unable to haunt her, giving that she’s currently alive. So after finding out the psychic was a fake anyway, Alona and Will try to make a quiet exit, which of course didn’t work out and they ended up exposing Will (and Alona’s) ability to communicate with the dead.

Now that Alona is exposed, she tries to find out what’s going on in Misty’s house, who is pretending to be her; while Will tries to find a way out of this mess. They can’t catch a breath when Alona is already in trouble, the ghost in discussion is the psychic’s sister, and she’s very powerful, and she throws Alona out of Lily’s body and takes it for her, to have some fun. But Alona cannot survive with Lily’s body because she has grown dependent of it, and once again Will is trying to save her. But they can’t help but wonder how much longer can this go? I mean it’s not like they have a future together, and the truth is proving to be really hurtful for both of them.

There’s a lot of confrontations and it is entertaining I give you that, and I enjoyed a lot of parts because frankly, Will and Alona are one of the most amazing couples out there, but I just can’t get pass that


You see the cover? See the blond girl in that? Well she’s Alona but 95% of the book she’s not that one! So I feel like the cover is misleading, you can't help but think that they would find a way for Alona to get back to the way she was but *SPOILERS* She stayed that way! All through the book and at the end!


So forgive me if I’m a little grossed out/confused/weirded out by this! I mean Lily was once Will’s crush, and now Alona is inside of that body, HOW DOES THAT WORK? WHO DOES HE THINK OF WHEN HE KISS? HOW CAN SHE NOT BE HAVING A PERSONALITY CRISIS?

It’s too much for me, and I know some people might tell me that I'm exagerating or that it was the only way...



Perfectly reasonable!

So that’s why I refuse to rate this book, not now not ever because it's just confusing to me and I don't know what to think or feel...


  1. I can't wait to read this! I was hoping Alona would somehow get her body back but I guess having a body and a life is better than no body at all :-(

    1. yeah, I guess ):
      and it's not like it's a hideous body either ;)


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