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Review: The Ghost and The Goth by Stacey Kade

Title: The Ghost and The Goth
Author: Stacey Kade
Published June 29th 2010 by Hyperion Book CH
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I don't know if I have a soft spot for ghosts (yeah, right) or for KICK-ASS characters, but luckyly for me, this book happens to have both.

So imagine how happy I was all through this read.

I randomly found the book description here in goodreads and was blown away by how similar it sounded to
Shadowland first book in my all time favorite YA series. And opposite to what others might do, being all like "there's no way something can be as awesome as that one" but I'm an open-minded person and was glad to find something similar so I decided to give it a try, and went and get the book by all means -begging, crying and acting like a 2 year old- and oh man! I'M SO GLAD!

PLUS: JUST LOOK AT THE COVER! I love the cuteness (I'm thinking about getting a full back tattoo of it) I loooove how accurate it actually is, it's like THOSE are Alona and Will, they're exactly like that, clothes and everything.

Since the very first chapter things are attention grabbing and I find myself immersed in the story, it starts when Alona, the queen bee of her high school, seemingly perfect in every way possible...
*gasps again*but despite what people like to think about her, and what you're already imagining (snotty bitch) nooo! far from the truth! GIRL IS FIERCE! she's a fighter and has the master mind of Brain from Pinky and the Brain, no really, she could totally take you in a 'guess the murderer' contest.

Not that there's a murderer in this book, just tons of hilarious, interesting, sad, hot, fun, and kickass moments. I can't complain here, cause I got everything I was asking for, so I will just continue summarizing the plot,

so yes, Alona dies ):
but hey! stop sobbing, girl is not going anywhere for now, and that is because (if you ever read a ghost's book or have been going to the movies/ watching tv this past 20 years you already know this): she has unressolved issues. And what's her to do, she doesn't know anything about being dead, and no one can help her, right?

There's someone out there, someone who can help Alona with her newly acquired troubles...
and that someone is Will Killian! aka Will Kill, you might recognize him as the pseudo-goth guy sitting in the farthest cafeteria table that apparently talks to himself out loud and wears his hoodie over his head all the time to keep the voices out.

Yeah, Alona thinks that too: NO WAY I'M GETTING NEAR THAT FREAK.
But the only other person who she knows that can communicate with the dead is in Puerto Vallarta and I mean it's a long walk to Mexico D: .

So Alona and Will make a deal, he would teach her everything he knows about ghosts, death and moving on if she serves as his bodyguard, that is keeping the other ghosts off of his face so he can finally have some peace and quiet after years and years of ghosts 'haunting' him.

I bet you can guess where that leads...
me= fun fun fun, Will & Alona= damn damn damn!

Despite what you might think after reading this (that is if you're still with me after all this babbling):
"Oh but it sounds SO clichéd!" I have only one thing to say about this, okay two:
a) what's not cliche these days?, I mean, come on! nothing is 100% original now, after all this is 2011.
and b) Cliche can be FUN.

But whatever, cliché aside, this book is infinitely entretaining and with very real main charachters, a realistic MALE teenager and a realistic GIRL teenager, and that's not easy to pull off let me tell ya, not everyone can portray a boy and a girl so relatable.

So yeah this book is ALL ABOUT THE FUN (plus some twists you might have not seen coming).
If you just came back from a trip to a child's hospital, got out of jail, witnessed an animal massacre, got your heart broken, read Mockingjay or lost your favorite lipstick at the mall and you are SO DEPRESSED you can't take it anymore, I suggest you read this, it won't dissapoint IT'S MADE OF FUN, no seriously, read the tag it says it's made with the same stuff SIX FLAGS is made of.


  1. I saw this book ages ago and i wasn't interested in it, but after reading your review, it sounds really good! Have to try and get my hands on it soon!!

    Oh wow, you're really getting a tattoo of it? That's awesome!!!

    Chantel aKa LittleMissBookWorm

    1. nooo! God no!
      they would never let me give blood if I had a tatoo, and you could definitely get hepatitis, so I'm not risking it...

      but I love this cover so much that IF I were the kind of person who got tatoos I would definitely consider this one :)

  2. I Love your reviews! So glad you reviewed this book, I won the book a couple of weeks ago! and who does not love a good cliche? Must Read! Now! ... after I finish the book I'm reading! Yes, I shall read it then :D!

    and awww, no scene recreation on this one? I wanted to see someone naked or with blue hair. Shmn -.-


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