Saturday, November 3, 2012

Review: Valkyrie Rising by Ingrid Paulson

Title: Valkyrie Rising
Author: Ingrid Paulson
Published October 9th 2012 by HarperTeen
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In Valkyrie Rising there’s lots of action happening in only 32 hours. I liked that, I like that it’s fast-paced but not rushed. I had never heard of Valkyries before (or maybe I had but had forgotten) but the thing is, I was never overwhelmed by the all the new information coming into my brain, I think the author did a wonderful job of intertwining the Norwegian legends and Ellie’s modern story.

Ellie is fed up being just the little sister of the ubber popular Graham and is trying to get the courage to stand out on her own. Ellie, Graham and their hot-as-the-sun neighbor Tucker are off to spend the summer with Graham & Ellie’s grandmother in Norway and the story starts to unravel from there.

While I think I liked Ellie at the end, I still had a hard time connecting with her. I never got why it was so hard for her to stood up to her brother, I mean that’s one of the easiest things, siblings are born to do that, it’s natural. It also bothered me that she was so gorgeous and all that, nothing against gorgeous girls, some of them are gorgeous on the inside but some part of you doesn’t want to be her friend (or is that just me and my jealousy talking?).

The best part for me was definitely the romance. Tuck & Ellie were adorable together and totally meant to be, and everyone knows I’m a sucker for girl&boy-best-friends-realize-they-have-feelings-for-eachother stories so this one hit right on target. I loved every single one of their scenes together and their constant tug-and-pull relationship, it made the book for me.

I think part of my problem with is that I’m kind of not turned on by fantasy/paranormal/dystopian books anymore, they kind of bore me and I find myself skipping pages. So it’s not this book’s fault, I think. But I also can’t deny that this was no blow your mind kind of book, but it was good, and cute, and I don’t regret it.



  1. Great review! I haven't heard of it, but this makes me interested... though I have been off of fantasy/sci-fi for a while.

    Kristen @OCA

    1. me too! before this one it had been ages since I picked up a fantasy book, however my numbers are much greater this year than last's (I'm branching out) :)


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