Friday, January 10, 2014

Review: Anyone But You: A Modern-Day Spin on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet by Kim Askew and Amy Helmes

Title: Anyone But You:  A Modern-Day Spin on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet 
Authors: Kim Askew and Amy Helmes
Published January 1st 2014 by Merit Press
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Genre: Young Adult // Retelling // Contemporary

Today, January 7th, 2014, was the coldest day in my memory, yet my heart has been warmed as I read along the story within the pages of Anyone But You. Anyone But You is based of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, which gave me an idea of what to expect. But sincerely, I can tell you that you won’t expect the kind of delightful story of two Italian families’ long history of managing restaurants and hating each other.

There are two stories intertwining in this book. One about Gigi Caputo and Roman Monte, who are two teens that have fallen in love despite their families complete despise of each other. I liked this story, Gigi was a reliable and likable young heroine and Roman was as swoon-worthy as they come. And although I am not crazy about instalove (actually, I almost always hate it), this time it was more than tolerable because every interaction between Gigi and Roman was sweet and adorable.

Now, the other story, the one about this kids great-grandfathers is one that I am sure will stay with me for a long time. Because this story was both heart-warming and heartbreaking and I cannot even think back to it without both smiling and spilling tears. I am absolutely certain that I had never felt more feelings within such a short span of time. I fell in love with Nick Caputo and Benny Monte as much as one person can possibly can. I love them both individually and I love their friendship too. I laughed and rejoice and suffered throughout all their story and I think I am permanently scarred upon finishing it. And mostly because there is nothing I would have done differently, because Kim and Amy did an exceptional job at making me understand from where they were coming from and to love them as they are.

And just like before, with Kim Askew & Amy Helmes’ previous book that I read, I am marveled at the way they can project a story and make it come to life with so much clarity before my eyes. I am stunned to see the glorious picture they created in my mind, it’s like a movie, actually better than a movie. (I couldn’t help but picture the young Nick and Benny looking as dazzlingly vitality as my boyfriend, Ryan Gosling in The Notebook). 

So really, I have nothing but good to say about this book. I wish I could relive Nick and Benny’s story again and again even though it causes me endless pain and heartbreak but I actually want to go through again because it is just too precious. 


  1. So looking forward to reading this book-I have enjoyed their previous two collaborations and I hope I find the Nick/Benny story as moving as you.

    1. I am almost certain you will! Such a beautiful friendship but bittersweet ending ):
      I haven't stop thinking about it...


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