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Review: Major Crush by Jennifer Echols

Title: Major Crush
Author: Jennifer Echols
Published August 1st 2006 by Simon Pulse
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I really love Simon's Romantic Comedies (it's practically written on girls' genetics that we enjoy a good laugh and a good romance). And as you probably guess by now, I love Jennifer Echols too.

This book was not the exception. From the strong-willed, sassy and totally likable rebelious girl; to the hot, troubled, more-than-meets-the-eye boy, I found myself completely absorbed by this cute story.

For it being Miss Echols first book, it did not feel like a debut to me, it was written masterfuly and I enjoy reading every single paragraph. It is fast-paced and full of wit, what's not to like?

Virginia is the protagonist here, she's very cool, you guys. I love her, she's the first girl ever to get the Drum Major position at her school band. And like you'd expect, this causes a riot in the Small-Town Nightmare she lives in. Especially in school, where everyone thought hot and popular Drew will get the position (like last year), but he had to share it with Virginia this year, and he's not happy to say the least.

I thought this book was the perfect example of girl likes boy, boy might or might not like girl, so girl goes and does whatever she wants to do without thinking what the boy thinks. And suddenly all the boys like her attitude. Virginia was a former pageant girl, people used to call her JonBenet Ramsey to tease her about it

Because she was blonde, small and pretty.

But Virginia wanted more than just than parading herself in pretty dresses (not that there's anything wrong with pageants, I love pageants!) so she quit, she stopped wearing make-up and sequined leotards and got a nose stud (IN SMALL-TOWN NIGHTMARE! THE HORRORS!). And did I mention that she stopped wearing shoes too?! no? well, Outside. How cool is that?

If I didn't live in the city where everything is gross, I would totally do that!

So basically, Virginia rocks. And even though there was a part (almost at the end of the book) where she kind of dissapointed me for being sorry for something she should not have been (something that have to do with her winning over certain someone) and I was like, "It's not your fault, girl! Get a grip and start acting like the butt-kicking heroine you are!". But I still like her, she was just likable.

And I also forgot to mention about how Miss Echols manages to combine important issues in such a quick, fun book, like Small-Town Nightmare's racism. Especially some awful comments about Virginia's best friend Allison, who is black. I really love Jennifer Echols books, for lots of reasons, one of them is that she ALWAYS has a diversity of races and cultures. The world is not all white ;)

My veredict is that this book is quick and very funny and a fresh read. (:


  1. Totally loved this book. Very fun.


  2. I've read some of Echol's later books and became a fast fan of her writing. She has the sweetest romances that are always fun and fast paced. I'm looking forward to reading this one myself now. Awesome review!

    Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves


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