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Review: Bittersweet by Sarah Okler

Title: Bittersweet
Author: Sarah Okler
Published January 3rd 2012 by Simon Pulse
Goodreads | Amazon: Bittersweet


Doesn't this cover remind you of "Sweethearts" by the fabulous Sara Zarr?

I seriously think they were aiming for the kind of crowd that loves that book (me), but to be completely honest, this one fell flat.

But well, Sweethearts is a cute story, and it looked so promising from the first pages, this girl Hudson is a very talented ice skater. She was really good, as in go-to-the-olympics-be-rich-and-famous kind of good. But then she found a bra tucked in the side of her bed, it was obviously not hers, so she showed it to her mom. It wasn't her mom's either. So you can imagine all hell broke lose, her parents split and Hudson and her little brother ended up living with her mom and helping her with her diner at smalltown Watonka (am I the only one who giggles at this name?), New York.

Hudson stopped ice skating because that was her and her dad's thing. She moved on (or did she not?) to other things, like baking. And she is good at baking (full of talents, isn't she?), she's known as cupcake queen and has even been featured at the local newspaper. Everyone loves Hudson's cupcakes.

But Hudson keeps a secret, she still skates! (gasp), but of course where no one can see her, except for this guy Josh, who happens to be the co-captain of the hockey team at her school. Josh gets an idea, Hudson can help the team get better (they suck) and they would give her ice time in return. Hudson acepts and the story takes off.

See why I was excited? girl teaching immature yet hot guys how to play hockey? I'm in!
But the thing is, Hudson kind of annoyed me. She had potential to be an amazing character, but no she decided to be a whinning child that would rather lose all her friends than being honest to herself/others. You know guys, I might be too old/cynic/weird for this book. You might love it/think it's amazing/make it one of your favorites, and that's perfectly fine but there's no denying there was something off about it.

I'm certainly opposed to the very common action of sleeping with someone you don't love/like. Hudson definitely had a crush on X, but she was seeing Y, and even though she didn't quite get all the way with Y, I still think that was very dumb. I mean, if you're with someone yet all you can think about is this OTHER someone... not a good sign. I like it when girls are true to theirselves. And by the way, the excuse that she thought X had a girlfriend was super pathetic, I MEAAAAAAAAAAAAN! can't you just ask him?! or if you're too embarrased, then ask your best to do it! she's going out with one of his friends anyway!

Whatever. That bothered me, but it might not bother you. There's also the fact that I really loved the relationship Hudson had with her little brother. I have a little brother who is just my sunshine, so I can relate. Except! for that one time she left him alone in New Years eve. I spent this New Years eve babysitting my brother and I didn't left him alone to go a party because WHO DOES THAT?!.

Again. I advice you to read this book if you really want to/ already have it/ are a fan of Okler's books. Because it was interesting enough to make me finish it, and that gives it extra points in my book. But Hudson? that girl has no clue, be prepared to pull all your hair out.


  1. Okay, I completely agree with your comments about Hudson! I really had a hard time connecting to her and empathizing with her. She just kept making one poor decision after another...and then she left her awesome little brother by himself on New Years! What?!

    1. yay finally someone who feels the same way! I kept shaking my head at her on practically every page :/


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