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Review: The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines

Title: The Vincent Boys
Author: Abbi Glines
Published October 12th 2011 by Abbi Glines
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Hmm how do I start?...

Okay, this book starts off with a flash back to the time Ashton, Beau and Sawyer were kids and best friends, the three of them were inseparable and they loved each other. But when they hit puberty, both boys started noticing how Ashton had grown up to become a hottie. (Man! How come all these YA main characters seem to have 2 perfect boys falling for them? and I don’t even have one!).
Moving on, Ashton grows up and starts going out with Sawyer, perfect Swayer who everybody loves (including me) and stops talking to Beau, the town’s resident bad boy, because she always felt attracted to him and since she was now going out with Sawyer she didn’t want to mess her relationship with him. I already told you Sawyer is the nicest, most likeable boy in the world, and no one thinks Ashton is worthy of him so she’s pretends and doesn’t show her true colors so people (and Sawyer) would buy her “nice girl” image.
Needless to say, Ashton is not happy pretending all the time, so when Sawyer goes away on a family trip she sees it as a chance to reconnect with Beau. Only “reconnecting” turned something more the first two seconds she spent with Beau and soon they were all over each other.
People, this book is dirty, and explicit. Ashton and Beau went all the way and beyond, haha. I was not expecting that! Guess I was hoping Ashton would reconsider and go back to Sawyer but she really wasn’t worthy of him, I think. You can imagine there were lots of drama. I mean she cheated on the town’s sweetheart (even if she cheated on Darth Vader, that’s just wrong and mean) and everyone took Sawyer’s side (I would have too) so everyone starts bullying her and Sawyer doesn't do anything (it's kind of wrong but can you blame him? she cheated on him with his cousin!) and Beau is nowhere to be seen because he ran out of town after he discovered a truth about his real family (no spoilers), when Beau gets back he beats Sawyer into a pulp and Ashton and Beau get to be together now.
At the end I didn’t end up satisfied because there was so much wrongness in everyone’s decisions. The snow ball got bigger and bigger because most of them didn’t try to make anything better. So yeah, I was very bothered by the end and couldn’t care less about the book’s wrap up. But I did finished it and thought the storytelling was attention-grabbing, I see how some people like this book. But not me, the plot was weak and done before (and better).

Note: I had a hard time with the grammar too, was it only me who thought this book’s editor kind of fell sleep and forget to actually edit it? It was very distracting; I had to re-read a lot of sentences to understand what they meant.

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  1. I read Abbi Glines' (well more like skimmed) other book, Existence , and wasn't too impressed with it so I will probably skip this book. Ugh, the book already frustrated me from your review! I hate it when books end up being Bad Decision after Bad Decision because it's like.....what, why does the author think this is okay?! This review just left me feeling sorry for Sawyer!


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