Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games Movie... awesome or boresome?

I think it's safe to say that, hmm, pretty much everyone who has read the books, really loved the movie. I did, I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would and think it did a good job of transforming an amazing book into a fairly good movie (although what's with the shaking camera? I got so dizzy, and I am sorry to say but Jennifer Lawence is so not Katniss) but nevertheless I still want to see it again (the art was amazing! straight out of my head)

my face all through the movie

So anyway, I really thought the movie started off amazing, I was really into it as soon as they showed Distric 12 and it looked exactly like I thought it would, but then I overheard this guy a few rows down:
"Hey, how come all those people are dressed in rags and Katniss has a really nice leather jacket?"

true that! O:

So yeah they missed that, and it definitely made Katniss' part less believable, but WHO CARES?! GIMME MORE!...

*movie continues*

ABSULUTELY LOVED all Gale/Katniss parts

I'm really excited and I'm really paying attention and suddenly...


What?! who did that?!... so I look around and EVERYONE was like either yawning or chatting with their friends, or mocking Peeta's chin D:

That made me sad, I wish everyone had liked it as much as I did; was it because maybe the movie version wasn't very clear?

take my mother for exemple, she agreed to go with me because I've been telling her about the book ever since I read it in 2008 and it's grown on her, and I saw that she was trying to get into the movie but sometimes she would look so bored ):

at the end she told me she loved it but some parts were confusing, like why was Katniss so fond of Rue if she've only known her for a day? and where did the tributes got the mines? and how come Rue survived for so long after she was wounded so bad, and what does the three-fingered signal mean?; minor (or major) details that people who have not read the books might have not find clear.

But at the end, I hope most people were satisfied (my mom was, she says she can't wait for Catching Fire) and I didn't hear any more complains between the people there ;)

so what did you think? have you read the books? was the movie confusing to you?


  1. My daughter read the book but is nervous about seeing the movie. She says that there are some pretty graphic scenes in the book and she doesn't want to watch that.

    How violent is the movie? Would someone who may be a little squeamish be able to make it through the whole thing?


    1. It wasn't as violent as I thought it would, the only scene that's a bit graphic (they don't show much blood) is the one when the tributes enter the arena and go running towards the Cornucopia,

      but actually, the part when the actual games happen, is pretty short, so I would think that yeah she could make it through the whole thing :)

    2. Thanks for the info! I will pass that along.

  2. You know I really did think Jennifer Lawrence is my Katniss. I will never budge on that, but I can see where she didn't work with some people. I'm sad that your theatre wasn't as into it as mine was. Maybe *I* was just that into it. I was literally on the edge of my seat for the entire movie! And I....cried for half of it!


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