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Review: Starters by Lissa Price

Title: Starters
Author: Lissa Price
Published March 13th 2012 by Delacorte Books for Young Readers
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There’s too many books out there about old people wanting to take over young people’s bodies, and it’s starting to freak me out. (For exemple, I can recall the ‘Airhead’ series by Meg Cabot) But anyway, we’re talking about ‘Starters’ here.
So the deal is, all adults have been killed by the Spore Wars, which was a war –duh- that used some kind of virus that cause the deaths of the middle-aged population, which means only the kids and the grandparents are left. And grandpas have became sort of inmortal but not really, they age but really slow so they are coming up with ways to enjoy the prime of their lives again.
aww I love seniors!
So this company invented a way to make it happen and now old people can “rent” the bodies of those young, unprotected minors who need money to survive. And Callie needed it for her brother who is young and sick. But something goes wrong and now Callie and her renter are connected, both of them in the same body, and the renter wants Callie to help her uncover the real evilness behind the company.
This leads Callie to meet Blake, and that people, is where my problems started. I absolutely hate insta-love, H-A-T-E it. And there’s not other way to describe this relationship, so that bugged me. But it doesn’t even come close to the rage fit I had at the end of this book, when the truth behind “the relationship” gets out. I wish I could say I wanted Callie to end up with the other one, Michael, the best friend, but both male characters were so incredibly bland that I just wanted them to get the heck out of the book.
DÉJÀ VU: People were not kidding when they compared this book to The Hunger Games. But it was too Hunger Gameish for my taste, really Callie had a different personality than Katniss but most of her actions and the situations she was thrown into, mimic (almost to perfection) the ones that Katniss went through. Just to name some examples: Callie has a best friend that comes from the same background and who might have feelings for her, but (of course) there’s another boy, and she has to choose. (-.-) Also, Sara was the Rue of this book, little girl befriends the heroine then gets killed for helping her out (-.-‘).
I am really sorry but what I am about to say but I have to be honest: I think the relationship between Blake and Callie was waaaay unbelievable (to put it nicely). I can’t explain without spoiling you but REALLY?! I will just say that after I finish the book I kept thinking I would find a way to get back all the time I invested reading their stupid relationship.
But even though I seem to have a lot of complains about this book, even though so much about it bugged me to infinity and beyond, I cannot say it was a bad book. It was well-written, and had its moments were I’d be all surprised or curious. Perhaps the sequel will be better; I certainly hope so, because it has potential. And some parts of it were really good and it’s certainly not a boring read, it moved fast enough to make me –queen of abandoning books- finish it, so yes I would recommend it for sure, who knows what bothered me might not bother you at all!

By the way. I adore the book trailers for this book! it's amazing and so true to the story!

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