Thursday, March 8, 2012

Completely Contemporary Challenge Update

Remember CCC? I realized I haven't been really "participating", I mean I've been reading a lot of contemps but I forgot to keep track of it, so I'll do it now that I have a bit of time...

Just to keep up with the titles, I'm making a list of the books I've already read :D

So, the goal is:

3 contemporary books published in 2010:

5 contemporary books published in 2011:

10 contemporary books published in 2012:
- Virtuosity
- Such a Rush
- Pushing the Limits
- In Honor

- A Charmed Life re-published 2012
- Meant To Be published 2012
- A Girl Named Digit published 2012
- The Waiting Sky published 2012

*click on titles to see the reviews :)

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