Sunday, June 24, 2012

and suddenly I am 1 year old...

Well, hello how are you today?

Personally, I am great. Because today is my blogoversary...

YAY! who knew I could stick to this for a whole year?

Blogging is one of the coolest things I could have got myself into and this past year has been a blast for me, I think it's because I don't take it too seriously that it becomes a burden, I  comitted to enjoy it while it lasts (hopefully a long time).

So thank you all. Thanks to every single soul (nothing against robots) that has visited this blog once or twice or fifteen times. Thanks to the authors who have trusted me with your books, you have to know that I try my best to please y'all. And thanks to the people who always comment! you have no idea how happy that makes me...

here's a hug

Sorry, I got carried away because I love you all.

I really do.

And if you want, you can stick around for another year.
I know I will.

Hope to see you again soon :)

PS. Don't forget today is the last day to enter my blogoversary giveaway! (:

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