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Review: Amy & Roger's epic detour

Title: Amy & Roger's epic detour
Author: Morgan Matson
Published May 4th 2010 by Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

Hi people, I'm on finals, so be prepared for some very old reviews these weeks.

Here's one from November 2010.

You know what? I don't know how to review this book :s

I mean I liked it... some parts

The story is about Amy, and how she's dealing with her Dad's sudden death because of a carwreck, Amy was driving the car so...yes! you guessed right!

she now thinks she's the one to blame and has since close herself to the rest of the world, thats until her twin brother got send to rehab, her mother couldn't handle it anymore, and decided to move the family to Connecticut, so her mother leaves before Amy, and a month later Amy follows but she doesn't drive anymore (I bet you can guess why) so what does her mom do?

OF COURSE! She arranges for Amy to travel across the country, from California to Connecticut, with a college guy; (what every mom would do, wouldn't they?)...

So yeah, I liked the college guy, Roger, he was cute (:
he joined the trip so he could go and stalk see his ex girlfriend (that was his biggest flaw, he was obssesed just because his ex was hot, but whatever, that's men for you) but then again there's Amy and her grief (that I had trouble believing... for one, her dad was a very one-dimensional character, I just didn't believe he was a great dad, I mean he didn't even realized his son was doing drugs FOR A WHOLE YEAR!, and all he ever talked about was Elvis, which got very boring) whatever I swore I wouldn't let this bother me, and will finish the book...

So I continued my journey (haha got it? :| ) and I'm glad I did 'cause all of a sudden there's:

secondary characters!

which usually I don't give a damn about, but in this book they really more interesting than the main ones. I loved EVERYONE of them, especially Lucien! who was (surprising I know) brother of the bitchy ex-girlfriend and this is VERY SERIOUS: THE WHOLE TIME HE WAS IN THE PICTURE I WANTED... HIM TO BE WITH AMY! *gasps*
I don't know what this tells you about him, but it tells me "well maybe Morgan Matson wasn't really paying attention when she made a secondary character as lovable as the main guy, to the point I kept wishing they would make out behind the stables"

The story goes on... to sum up
they went to Yosemite? Neverland? what's that place called?, where Elvis lived? whatever, they were everywhen between California and Connecticut, and in each place something cutesy happened, something that told you "oh they're falling for each other"

Oh I forgot to tell, Amy was having "flashbacks" ALL the friggen time!
and most of them where super boring, it was just "my dad liked Elvis and life savers, my brother was angry all the time, my mom and brother would always team up, and I would team up with my dad"
it was like: "I ALREADY KNOW THAT" you have only  mentioned it like 17389409578 times :|

but I persevere and opened my mind and then suddely


she never talked to anyone about the accident, not her mom, not her brother
and then she was finally talking about it... to Roger, and I was like "ok this is gonna be interesting"
but no, it was a boring story where a driver run a red light, crashed into them, send them flying and then they hit a lightpole that killed her father on the impact,

which was very sad ): the boring and cliche part came because she was all like "it's my fault, because I told my father to put his seatbelt on, and if he hadn't he would have escaped from the hit"

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? urgh, is she that dumb to believe that, but whatever, Roger told her it wasn't her fault, she believes it :|


oh they were in dairy queen, she goes to get some blizzards ask him what he wants, he says "surprise me" she comes back, he says "got me something good?" she goes like "I guess so" then kiss him! he kisses her back, they kiss some more, it starts raining (it's not a love story without people making out in the rain, is it?) and all this time, I'm like "YES FINALLY SOMETHING GOOD" and then looked at the page and realized there's "there are way less pages than I would want know" pages but then about 10 minutes after their make out session they realized they want to do it I MEAN! *Can't-believe-this face*

so they pulled up and get a hotel room, changed clothes into some fancy items, go have dinner then they do it... fancy clothes do not change the fact that they're about to do it, and in a crappy hotel no less

they hit the road again, and after what seemed like 2 seconds, they reached Roger's final destination (he found a 180 number outside the house... nah I'm kidding)
they said the corresponding "see ya later", "I'll call you", and then Amy was off to Connecticut, with NO PROMISE OF EVER SEEING ROGER AGAIN :|

Do you see where I'm headed? they had sex and they are not gonna see each others faces ever again, as romantic and cute as Roger sounded, you just never know if maybe that was his plan all along (to get into her pants). And she was stupid enough to let him.



  1. I actually liked it :/ I thought there was promise there, that they were going to sort stuff out first. with their rents and then get back in contact.

    1. let's hope that was the case *crossing fingers*

  2. i looooved it! and morgan's second book brought both amy and roger back, for just a quick flash, showing that they're still together. :)


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