Saturday, October 6, 2012

Review: Torched by Andrea Lynn Colt

Title: Torched
Author: Andrea Lynn Colt
Published September 2012
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Well that was fun. No seriously, I haven’t enjoyed a book quite this much in a long time (probably because I haven’t read any book at all this past month, thanks very much Plastic Surgery rotations!) and reading Torched was exactly what I needed in my life at the moment, something fresh and full of funny dialogue.

I personally loved that it dealt with serious issues thrown in there, like arson and bullying but in a completely realistic way and without getting into over the top drama. The characters were also great, especially Rose, who I ended up loving because she was tough as nails but also kind of clueless about life and sometimes a bit shallow. Rose is the head cheerleader in her school’s squad, she’s blonde and drives a convertible that she calls ‘cloudmonster’ (I know) BUT… she’s also the valedictorian! Way to kill stereotypes, Rose! So she made me instantly like her, with her wit and sarcasm she could take anyone and it was refreshing to see a character like her in YA contemporary (you know, outside of a Meg Cabot book). I also loved the relationship she had with her parents, not because it was good (believe it wasn’t the case) but because it felt so real, she loved her parents and they loved her too but she (and me) couldn’t help but get exasperated at their state of perpetual cluelessness.

And now that we talk about characters, Paxton Callaway, next door neighbor, Star Trek lover, prank war starter and hottie extraordinare also made the book for me. I loved his relationship with Rose and actually with everyone, he’s so polite and awesome, I want him for my collection of male YA characters that fill my head at night ;). Aww and am I the only one who thinks a guy trying to make out with you while using crutches is totally hot? You know, he can’t even stand up without help yet he’s going out of his way to kiss you on a thanksgiving night.

Moving on, I loved that this story went beyond your typical YA contemporary. Here our main girl gets framed for a crime she didn’t commit and know the whole town thinks she is a criminal, even her parents think so. And the only person who is helping her is her oldest enemy, Paxton. I loved trying to figure out who did it, my head formulated so many theories before I hit jackpot, because you know, there were a lot of suspects here, kudos to Ms. Colt for creating a fun mystery.

So that’s it, I super enjoyed this book and actually wished it was longer, it left me wanting more.
And I haven't made a scene recreation in ages! but this book was practically begging me, so many awesome scenes to chose from!
So what is Rose doing? Oh nothing, just SPYING. In Paxton's room. And his secret folders. And his closet.
And then Paxton walks in, and I'm off to re-read that scene because it was fun haha. Laterz.

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