Sunday, March 3, 2013

Review: Easy by Tammara Webber

Title: Easy
Author: Tammara Webber
Contemporary / New Adult
Published November 6th 2012 by Berkley Trade
Goodreads | Amazon

So Easy has gotten raving reviews and 5 star-ratings all over the blogosphere but I’m actually disappointed. The story itself is good, I like that it has a good message of standing up for yourself and facing your demons. I loved that it included some taboo topics like rape and how almost every time a girl is raped society always end up blaming the victim. It has a good message and I appreciate it.

But even though I was sad about what happened to Jaqueline, I couldn't quite connect with her. Her blandness turned me off, she was kind of a mess and I hoped she would come to her senses by the end but she didn’t, it felt like she didn’t learn anything throughout (except self-defense) because she was still completely dependent of someone. She just trades her old Kennedy for a new Lucas; and although Lucas seems good and harmless, Kennedy did too, before, and I can’t completely trust Jaqueline’s choices. Oh and she was nosy.

Now Lucas wasn’t all awesome either, I thought he was way too quick to use his fists and even quicker to get down and dirty with Jaqueline (which is not all his fault but still) and his secrets and mystery had me fed up by page five and that’s why I couldn’t fall in love with him because I knew nothing about him, except for his gorgeous hair and gorgeous eyes and gorgeous body bla bla bla, I don’t fall for looks-only you know, they don’t call me Jaqueline. But I will admit the story behind the scars on his body is completely crushing and I shed a tear or two. However by the time the rabbit was out of the bag I couldn’t have cared less.

So although it seems like I just swallow some bitchy pills I am sorry but this is the way I feel and this is totally my point of view, I’m aware not everyone (possibly no one) will have the same complaints than me, but I did, and it bothered me, and I just didn’t like that. But don’t let me stop you and by all means go out and get this book if it has your interest ;)


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