Friday, March 22, 2013

Review: Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Title: Hopeless
Author: Coleen Hoover
Contemporary YA/ Coming of Age
Published December 19th 2012
Goodreads // Amazon

While I hoped Hopeless would be a deep book, I just never imagined it would go to the deep confines of the most horrible type of crimes and sins. It actually starts off like any other forgettable YA story: shy, naïve girl meets mysterious stranger who seems to fall in love with her instantly.

So forgive me if I was unconvinced and a little cynical towards the first chapters, things seemed awfully convenient for the two leads and I was a bit turned off. Also, the “mystery” was being stretched out a little too much for my liking.

But then, BAM! A clue, a clue about what happened to Sky and omg I figured it out and almost dropped my kindle right there, because that’s just horrible. The most horrible thing you can imagine and then worse. So my heart instantly warmed towards Sky and I started enjoying the story much more than before.

Holder’s part in the story wasn’t as easy to figure out, though. I actually never guessed it correctly, but it didn’t make it any less entertaining. He was a good guy with a great heart and I didn’t doubt the love he felt for Sky.

My biggest complaint is that the first half of the book felt disconnected to the second, like 2 different stories. Like, Sky’s absolute best friend doesn’t appear or gets mentioned very much at the second part and there isn’t any running, which both Sky and Holder loved to do for exercise.

However, I really enjoyed the passion and the fierceness of this novel, it truly catches your interest and holds it, and makes you enjoy the ride these teens go through even though it’s heartbreaking and it kind of destroys your faith in some humans, but love prevails and it’s really amazing to witness.



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