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Review: Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols

Title: Such a Rush
Author: Jennifer Echols
Published July 10th 2012 by MTV Books
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Amazing is not a strong enough word to describe this book, but all things considered I would say it’s the most fitting. Jenn Echols has delivered another great book that will sure make it to lots of people favorites list. Such a Rush is everything you hope a book can be: appealing characters, complex romance, fast paced and nail-biting drama.

I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve been waiting for this book, but I tell you this: it was a long time, and everytime Ms. Echols talked about it I swear my toes curled; well, it was actually 1000x better than I hoped. How can you go wrong with such an interesting line of events and an equally interesting line of people?

Leah Jones is the book narrator. At the beginning, she’s only 14, just moved to a trailer park next to a tiny small-town airport where she gets a job answering the phone and pumping gas for airplanes. Leah loves airplanes, so she saves up money for a flying lesson given by a local man, Mr. Hall, who runs a banner towing business. Mr. Hall has three boys, Jake the oldest flies a plane for the army, and twins Alec and Grayson are Leah’s age and they both want to be pilots too. The three sons are fun, adventurous, intense and panty-dropping handsome, from what Leah can tell from the distance, that is; she has never been close with them. But she watches them and wishes they would notice her, Grayson especially, the adrenaline junkie on whom she has developed a big crush.

When Jake gets killed in Afghanistan, Mr. Hall’s heart can’t take it, and soon he dies too. Leah is crushed; Mr. Hall was her was her friend, not to mention her only hope of ever becoming a pilot, because he had offered her a job at his banner towing business. But surprisingly, the twins come back to town to try to get the business going again. Even though Leah’s always liked the boys, they didn’t seem to like her at all, so she can’t believe Grayson, the black sheep of the family, is making her fulfill the contract she made with his dad about flying a plane for him. Leah’s not sure she can trust Grayson, but he has something on her, so she must do what he says or her dream of becoming a pilot won’t ever come true.

I hate love triangles, but the one in this book is kind of a love-triangle but not, you’ll see what I mean when you read it but I can assure you, you won’t be bothered by it, you will be too absorbed in the details of the story to even start to realize it’s a love triangle. I just love it when a book has an invisible hand coming out of it that takes me by the neck and doesn’t let go, that’s Such a Rush for you. It’s completely engrossing and it will have you at the edge of your seat. It’s so amazing to see how people can develop characters that are this deep, relationships that are so intricate a cobweb would be jealous.

Now I don’t know anything about airplanes except for what Top Gun has thought me, but now I feel like going out to watch the sky and look for planes passing by. I can see why people can be so enchanted by them, and how incredibly sexy they are, or wait maybe that just the pilots. At least these pilots. Alec and Grayson both fly planes for the banner towing business too, and that in my mind, makes them sexy as heck. Can you imagine, two blond, tall, lean-but-muscular eighteen year old boys flying dangerous (okay not dangerous) planes without any help but their minds and their skills?

*gets up from the chair* *walks shakily to the sink* *splashes cold water in face*

Speaking of sexy, Jennifer Echols is the only YA author I can handle sexy from, because her books are never trying to be sexy, they just are. because there’s so much tension that’s been building up from the start that it’s just, I don’t know, it’s like people are sexy because they’re them, not because they’re naked.

*some more cold water to the face*

On other topic, I love this cover but man, couldn’t they get a curly haired girl? That would have been awesome, because Leah’s curly, black hair it’s another character entirely, I feel like it deserves its own twitter account. I love Leah, she’s so strong and driven; life has kicked her when she was down, but she got up and walk it off, right to the airport, where she’s the most happy. Because back in her trailer there’s nothing to look forward to: no food, no t.v., no one to speak to. Her only friend is a girl called Molly, who is from the rich side of town. Leah thinks Molly is friends with her only because of her spunk and tough attitude, so even though she appreciates Molly’s friendship a lot, she feels like she can never truly be herself around Molly.

But things get… worse, actually. Leah’s crush on Grayson intensifies, even though she must be working on getting Alec to fall for her, and now Molly is also in the picture, is she into Grayson too? And more importantly, is Grayson into Molly? Leah gets tangled into a mess greater than her curls and the story spins off from the ground and takes you with it.

So yes, this is going to be quite a ride people, thrilling and exciting all the way, expect to be taken by surprise, expect the high altitude dizziness, always up never down, and most of all expect the rush.

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This scene is posibly my favorite of them all (but it's hard to say bc I loved 'em all)
A tornado is coming and Grayson & Leah are in the airport's basement
It's black because the power went out.
And yes, those are their clothes drying out. ;)
PS. Leah's hair is not blue, but if I draw it black she looked bald.


  1. good thing make her bald x)

    I also need to get this one, and fast! I haven't been to a bookstore so long, I'm dying!

    Would you say this one is as good as Going To Far? better? close enough o.O?

    1. In some ways, it was better ;)
      But I don't know, Going Too Far it's really good too. I'd call it even, they're both equally good.

      Yeah, you need to add this one to your collection, I had an ARC but I pre-ordered a Hardcover too bc this is a keeper. <3

  2. oh wow, now you've made me unbelievably excited for Such A Rush, more than I already am. I've actually been avoiding reading reviews, also after Jenn Echol's last book, which kind of disappointed me a bit I was pretty hesitant to start this one. I'm glad you loved it!! The synopsis sounds pretty awesome and from your review I already love the twins! and Leah herself seems pretty awesome! and yeay for the awesome love triangle! if its written well then it can be awesome! :D

    awesome review!!

    juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

    1. It's kind of a love triangle but it is not, so don't you worry!
      I have loved all of Jennifer's previous books but this one wins over all of them, it was very very amazing and sexy and poignant and you gotta read it! :D

  3. Nice review!! I already preordered the paperback for this book but I have to wait until the end of the year to finally can have it on my hand.. You review makes me want to read it moaaarrrr!!


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