Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review: The Unquiet by Jeannine Garsee

Title: The Unquiet
Author: Jeannine Garsee
Expected publication: July 17th 2012 by Bloomsbury
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I was so surprised by this book, I started with the idea that this was a contemporary read (I love Contemps!) but it turned out to be more than that, it was paranormal and fantasy and a lot of things mixed in a bowl of awesome.
Rinn Jacobs is on medication because of bipolarity disorder (which by itself is such a complex illness) so that was definitely an interesting point for me. Rinn was part of the unfortunate incident where her beloved Grandma was killed, she of course felt very guilty so she tried to kill herself.
So as part of the treatment for her depression, suicidal thoughts and bipolarity; Rinn’s mom moves them away, to the tiny town where she grew up. But it doesn’t turn out the way she wanted it and now Rinn’s illness is getting worse or are the allegations of the evil entity a real thing?
That’s one of the most interesting concepts on this book. Are there such things as ghosts? Is it all in Rinn’s head? Would someone believe her theories? One thing cannot be denied, though; people are suddenly dying, horrible deaths that shock the whole town and that are difficult to understand.
I loved Rinn. That girl is as tough as nails, yes she might be sick but she’s not going to take shizz from anyone that wants to mess up with her. Most importantly, she believes in herself, of course she has some doubts about all the things she’s going through but she is not afraid to take chances and put herself at risk to find out some answers. The depth in her character blew me away, I didn’t expect her to be so likable (don’t judge me for thinking she was going to be all like: “I’m so bad, I hate myself, I should die”, she has some moments though but nothing annoying).
Also the guy she meets in this new town? He’s name is Nate, and he is amazeballs too. Nate is Rinn’s neighbor, and he’s a gentleman. I love him, I love the way he treated Rinn, not like she was sick but like he was utterly in love with her personality and charms. I was thrilled that he knew from the beginning about Rinn’s bipolarity and he didn’t run away.
Oh and every other character in this book is great aswell. They all show a 3-D realness and sport their own personality. And while I also really liked Rinn’s others friends, Tasha and Meg and Dino and Cecilia, and even Lacy, they were all a broad group that added different things to the table, all in all I thought they represented well the variety of high schoolers.
Dude, the mystery was killing me! Just when I thought I had everything figured out, something would happen and I’d be all like “hmm nope, opposite direction”. It was a thrill ride! Lots of twists that I did not see coming, and lots of chill inducing moments. The feeling and the intensity in all of the scenes make up for an amazing book that I’m sure a lot of people will enjoy.


  1. I had a lot of the same thoughts, including the one going into the book (I was like, oh wait, it's a ghost story?! Lol). The mystery of it was great, I couldn't figure it out either! Great review! :D

    1. I know right? I was like, "hmm no one told me it was gonna be about ghosts" but I really liked it at the end :)

  2. "Amazeballs" - Excellent word choice, along with "shiz". I usually say shiznit :0) I've been hearing so much about this book, but I had NO idea what it was about! I'm planning on getting it so YAY for good reviews. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it :0)
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    1. shiznit = hahahahahahaha

      I like it, I'm gonna steal that one from you ;)
      Yeah, it's kind of confusing what it is about, for a minute there I thought it was an issue book or something, but it turned out pretty great, I enjoyed it a lot :)

      Thank you for coming :)

  3. I've just starting hearing about this one and I don't usually read a lot of books with ghosts in them but I have to tell ya that I'm more than a wee bit interested in this one. It sounds crazy and fun and creepy.


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