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Review: Nevermore by Kelly Creagh

Title: Nevermore
Author: Kelly Creagh
Published August 31st 2010 by Atheneum

People, If you didn't read this back in 2010 when it came out what were you thinking? you have to do it now. Before the second part, Enshadowed, comes out. And since most of us are on vacation, this would be the right time to do it. So I figured I'd post my old review to get you excited.

(Review written January 8, 2011)


I have no words. Let me finish my sobbing.
*sobs some more*

Okay now I'm calmer.
This book is amazing! I picked it up without knowing it was paranormal, since I'm not into paranormal I might have not picked it up if I've known. I'm glad I did. SOOOO GLAD.

At first it was like any other book nowadays= High School Drama, but then it couldn't be further from the truth. What I really loved about this book was the mistery, the whole time I was like WTF? WHAT'S HAPPENING?!?! but not in a 'I'm confused' way, it was more like, 'is this for real or is it a dream', 'is he the bad guy or is she?', 'who is making this up?', 'how are they gonna escape?', omg omg omg.

The whole time I kept making theories that were later proved wrong so I finally stopped and instead concentrated in following the story. 'Cause let me tell you, there's A LOT going on. Not in a bad way, it was interesting reading how more and more problems were added to the pile when the other ones weren't even solved yet, or explained for that matter.

The book plot was SO INTERESTING. The dreamworld that was created blow my mind away! it was so terrifying but so incredible to witness! Because that's another thing I loved about this book, that it was so well described you could imagine everything perfectly as though you were actually seeing it, as if you were there! which not often happens to me, I usually hate the 'describing the setting' part of the book, in this one it was so sublte, but very well done. I can imagine this becoming a movie.

And the characters! omigod! I loooved Gwen!
She was one the school's biggest outcasts, and I know for experience those end up being the most interesting people, this was the same. She was very straight-forward and crazy, and strong, and loyal, and she had been Isobel's friend for about a month yet she was THE best friend. Ever.

The main characters:
The story starts when Isobel (blond cheerleader) gets paired up with Varen (school's biggest freak/ultimate goth) for an english project on Poe. THEY ARE BOTH AWESOME. (Varen's a a lot more awesome, though) and I loooooved the romance, IT WAS EPIC.
It wasn't like their eyes met and they fell for eachother, like it happens in a lot of YA books, it happened almost too real, I felt jealous the whole time, It was simply epic, I can't think of any couple that's more mismatched than this one yet it made sense for them to be together.
I looooooved Varen, he was such an enigma, at the end of the book I was SO sad that I wouldn't get to see more of him, he was so creative and sensitive and troubled and lonely. SO LONELY. I felt like crying just thinking of him, I've never read a character with a sadness halo so real it was almost touchable. I just wanted to pull him out of the pages and hug him forever.
[Spoiler] And I totally get how Isobel felt after loosing him, I was sobbing like *I* was the one who wouldn't see him anymore, which is kind of true, I won't see him anymore, not until 2012. T____T

Another thing I loved about the book was that it wasn't like other books were the universe seems to conspire so the couple can be together, oh no! there were A LOT of things that keep them appart (sadly), one of them was, Isobel's parents, especially her dad, who didn't like Varen just because he was a goth guy, which I didn't appreciate but yet I understand, I mean that's what would happen in real life if I were to walk into my house with a goth boyfriend and my father were to be there, he would forbid me to see him ever again and will make a fuzz of it, just like Isobel's dad. So I was glad the author wrote reality instead of making Isobel's parents all happy about her relationship with Varen.

Now, now. I'm mad. I'm mad because like I said, the romance was EPIC.
and all epic romances end up in a major sad scene. This was the case. ARGH. I'm so mad!
I didn't know it was a series!, however I will continue reading the books as they came out (OF COURSE)

[Spoilery? rantings] I'm mad 'cause Isobel and Varen didn't even get a break! I'm mean, whyyyyyyyy? whyyyyyyyy? T________T they deserved it! for all they went through! they only had ONE kiss. ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNE KISSSSSSSSSSS! at chapter 40!, (that doesn't make it boring for romantics, I'm the biggest fan of romance and I loved the book!)

Well I think that's all I can think of right now, I keep glancing at the book, I feel like reading it again haha, it's that good, go read it now!


  1. Definitely putting this on my TBR list. This sounds like an awesome book!

    Nerd Girls at Books to the Sky

  2. I so loved this book! I cried at the end too. They must find each other again! It must work out for them! You're right they need more than one kiss. Can't wait for book 2.


  3. I JUST PUT ENSHADOWED UP FOR MY WOW! kind of crazy. i want it so bad :(


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