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Review: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Title: Anna and the french kiss
author: Stephanie Perkins
Published December 2nd 2010 by Dutton

(Old review from December 2010)

"I'M IN LOOOOOOOOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
yes, I'm in love with this book!

and I'm so very pleased that an author that writes a book that has no vampires/werewolves/angels etc and instead has simple human characters can create such an interesting story that puts the biggest grin on my face and makes me dance around my room with taylor swift in the background :P

I LOVED THIS BOOK, though it wasn't perfect, and I do mean perfect in a way "everything is perfectly smooth, all the characters did what I would do in their place". Not even close, there were a lot of things I would have changed, but it was still amazing.
This brings me to this, I must talk about the main characters, I MUST!, so get ready:

ANNA: Miss Oliphant here has a gap in her teeth the size of a raisin. I love a lot of aspects in her personality, I loved that she was very real, but most of all I love that she was so FUNNY, at so many of her comments I just wanted to kiss her (not in the mouth) she is so witty and smart!. But now the downside, there were many parts where she was very needy and  childish and jealous girlfriendish and I just wanted to shake her hard, but she makes up for her flaws I promise!

And now we have, (drumroll please)

ETIENNE ST. CLAIR: I could go on forever, and I probably will, so you can skip this,
OH ST. CLAIR, born in America, raised in England (<33333333) he has a charming english accent and an even more charming name (I'm gonna write some poetry about him :P )  first of all, he's all greek-god looking, he's polite, he's intelligent, he's funny, he's adorable I wanted to kiss him (full in the mouth). He uses a knitted hat his mum made for him. He gave all of his euros to a homeless guy on the street. He bought romantic poetry to Anna. He got into a fight for Anna and he's not the fighter type, believe me.
Now the dowside:
hahahaha got you! there's no downside at all! HE'S PERFECT...
okay, he's not, he stomps, and he's TERRIFIED OF HEIGHTS and he's short, really short, Napoleon Bonaparte short, and I'm still willing to ignore this (me! a 5'11 girl!)

WELL, Let's get to the story:

I'm gonna start at the beggining, there's Anna, daughter of Nicholas Sparks wannabe, who sends her to Paris to study so he can brag about it with his friends.
Anna hates it, the day she arrives to School Of America in Paris, aka SOAP, she's bawling in her room, the girl next door heard it, she invited Anna over, they become friends.
Girl's name is Meredith, who has friends in the school: (Etienne) St. Clair, Rashmi and Josh. They promptly add Anna to their group.

Anna inmediatly clicks with St. Clair, they become close friends, but the truth is, Anna, like everyother girl with blood in her veins (this includes Meredith, she does have blood you know), has a huge crush on him,  sadly, HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND *sobs*. So Anna can't make a move. But they do flirt with eachother :D

a lot of things happen, and I mean A LOT OF THINGS,
very interesting, very funny, very oh-my-God-oh-my-God things

Winter break comes and they get back to their houses,
winter breaks turns out to be awful, for both of them,
but they keep it together with the support of the other (very funny e-mails and calls)

They get back to Paris, Anna realizes she loves St. Clair, now Etienne for her (:
she has to keep hiding it, though
he has a girlfriend, I told you!!! T_T

Okay, things are smooth, Anna's birthday comes, EXCITING THINGS HAPPEN: exciting, hot things *eyebrows go up* she wears a skirt, they get drunk, THEY DANCE! and I don't mean the slow-dancing in a Hillary Duff movie, it was more like (and I use Rashmi's words) "doin' it on the dance floor" :D
things get heat up, and Anna tells him how she feels!!! SHE DOES! I'M NOT KIDDING! sadly, she does it the wrong way, all jealous girlfriendish, they fight, she storms out.

Then things start to fall apart, Anna dates this other guy, who is a total jerk, Etienne hates him, he's not happy. Anna realizes he's a jerk, dumps his butt, and things get a little better when (get ready for this):

ANNA AND ETIENNE KISS FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*excitment* *ear-to-ear grin* *jumps up and down*
it was a total make out session, and that's when you learn why THIS BOOK HAS THIS TITLE *wink*

but things are falling apart, remember?
Meredith catches them making out, so does Rashmi, and Josh D:
and remember Meredith has a huge crush on St. Clair too, so said guy runs after Meredith, who runs away when she sees said make out session.
Anna is sad, thinks Etienne rejected her, goes and cries in her bedroom, Meredith is not talking to her, so Anna doesn't sit in their table.
No one is talking to Anna, well exept to call her a slut (word got out of this, and also Jerk-guy, Anna's ex, spread the rumor they do it and that HE dumped HER) weeks pass, Anna is miserable.

Then Anna finally apologizes to Mer (Mer forgives her) and learns why Etienne did what he did, EVERYTHING IS GOOD NOW.

and wait for this, I LOVED THE END,
it goes like this:
Anna realizes her time in Paris is almost over, she goes out inmediately and goes to Notre-Dame, she's very excited and climbs all the stairs to the very top,
guess who sees her?!?!? guess who follows her?!?!? OF COURSEEEEEEEEEEE!
he says he loves her! she says the same! the make out again *I'M SO HAPPY*

GO READ THIS BOOK! it will make you happy, look!----> :)

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