Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year Resolutions

Hello, people.
Are you sharing your new year resolutions? if you are then don't hesitate and send me a link so I can stop by too :)
Here are mine:
1. Be Agressive. B-e Agressive.
This one I learned from Bring It On but it doesn't make it any less important, this past year I let many opportunities pass because I wasn't agressive enough. I'll try to stop be a wimp.
2. Be more organized.
I am organized but sometimes something slips off my mind and next thing I know I've erased all the reviews I worked on during my christmas break (true story).
3. Be a little less pretentious.
I am a well-known bragger and a big show-off and I bet everyone at the hospital wanted to murder me this past semester so I'll try to keep my mouth shut this year.
4. Write shorter/better reviews.
I knowwww. This might not be possible, but I'll try my best.
5. Get out of my confort zone more often.
This includes my reading habits. Apparently all I read is contemporary haha.
6. Loose weight.
Classic. I don't know any 20-year-old who is at least ok with her weight.


  1. haha, good luck organizing, start with your blog button :PP and yeah, we all want to loose weight x)

    Oh and for point number four, no need, we already love your reviews :)

  2. ^Forget that button part, you already have one! Yay! I'm proud of you! You're off to a good start :D

    1. You inspired me Jude, it's all thanks to you haha ;D


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