Friday, January 11, 2013

Review: Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens

Title: Thoughtless
Author: SC Stephens
Published June 11th 2011 by CreateSpace
Contemporary YA
Goodreads // Amazon

This book was intense and emotional and fast-paced and really hot. But what seriously killed it for me was the unfaithfulness. I’m old school people, I do not condone cheating, and Thoughtless was one big affair turned into a book.

However, I didn’t completely hate it. The realness of the characters and the incredibly good descriptions of people and places and songs and emotions save this one for me. Kellan and Denny, two of the three points in this love triangle, where pretty incredible.

Kellan was gorgeous and mysterious, a troubled soul that seem to draw every girl towards him (including Kiera). And Denny, perfect, handsome Denny from Australia, who gave up his dream job for love.

The truth is, I liked them both so much it bothered me a lot that one of them wasn’t going to get the girl, but then again I ended up hating Kiera so much that I would have liked to kick her out of the story, both boys would have been better off, but that would change the whole thing, right?

So I settle for not so secretly hate her and shout all kinds of unintelligible things at her. You know, I get where she’s coming from, she never felt this way, she didn’t wanted to hurt anyone. But she was going to, anyway; and I wished she had realized it sooner. It wasn’t fair for Kellan or Denny but she continued doing it and it was just so exasperating! And all the crying she did almost send me over the edge.

But I’m going to calm down and tell you that this book will get all kinds of emotions out of you. Trust me, you will feel all the feels. And if this sounds like your kind of read I encourage you to try it, because no matter what, it is a serious roller-coaster ride.
Funny story: I read this over christmas break at my grandparents house and my grandma secretly asked my mom if I was reading erotica.

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