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Review: Love Story by Jennifer Echols

Title: Love Story <3
Author: Jennifer Echols
Paperback, 243 pages
Published July 19th 2011 by MTV Books

Love Story is my new love.
Seriously, I loved this story so much that my head and heart can't comprehend how someone can NOT love this.

This book is about Erin, an ex-rich girl who lost everything because she refused to study bussines in college and take over her multi-millionaire grandmother's huge horse farm in Kentucky. And her grandmother in turn, decide she was not gonna pay her to study anything else, and instead pay Hunter's (her stable boy) education.
The whole situation surrunding Erin and Hunter's life seemed kind of ridiculously blown out of proportion and a bit unrealistic at first, but then, arround page number I can't remember, there was a story about writing a story based 100% in real life that still sounded unrealistic to outsiders, and I learned that I should open my prespective and everything went smoothly after that.
Actually, everything was going smoothly before that, because this was the kind of book where you can only focus in the main character's relationship, everything else faded in the background. Jennifer Echols is the queen of relationships for something, you guys; and this story proved that to me (again!).

Erin & Hunter's relationship had so much depth and so much history that you couldn't help but to root for them right away, and all the things keeping them apart were seriously a pain in the butt for me. I don't know how I could handle all of that, I swear my heart break a little everytime they did something that hurted the other.
Because I loved both of them A LOT.
First page read and I had fallen in love with Erin. Erin is stubborn, determined and brave, she fights for what she wants and is struggling with her new state of poverty but she never complains, she has two jobs and the only food she can afford is peanut butter crackers (how can you not love her already?). She also has a big, BIG heart and a huge love for romance novels (just like me), in fact she wants to be a romance novel writer someday (fellow writer <3) and trying hard to achieve that. Although the first day, when she presents her romance story based on her life and that includes a hot stable boy, who do you think walks right through the door and joins the class?...

Exactly! Hunter, the very hot, very real stable boy that worked for her in the past and is now enjoying a tuition payed by her grandmother. Can you imagine how mortifying that was? After that (and the class VERY harsh critiques to Erin's story) I couldn't help but sympatize with her. Hunter on the other hand, seemed a bit obnoxious at first. I could tell right away that Erin was in love with him and wonder if maybe that was the reason she thought he was a good guy (He was getting her education money after all, I thought that was low). But it wasn't long before I realized he was a kind, lonely soul, besides he turned out to be [minor spoiler: a pre-med major!] in the first story he wrote for class he was describing some body parts and giving them the correct medical term and I was cracking up as I read because I knew he had to me a fellow med student and that in my eyes meant he COULD NOT, ABSOLUTELY NOT, be a bad guy.

Besides I could tell right away that he was as in love with Erin as she was with him (it's incredible they didn't notice this). Yet the more I learned about both of their painful and sad childhood, the more I could understand why they were so guarded and headstrong.
Even though the waiting for them to realize they loved eachother almost killed me, there was not a page I found boring. So much emotional stuff was going on at all times that I just found myself completely absorbed by the plot. And the subplot! OMG I absolutely loved that Erin and Hunter were brave enough to share their past and their feelings through stories written for their class. That was awesome and I loved reading every single story, it felt strange, though, like reading from someone's journal, but that was what made me fall even deeper for this characters.
Sad thing was that the end is not as happy as I wish it could have been, and it's a little dissapointing that the book is not wrapped up more tighty around a concrete end, it's left way too open for my taste.
But I don't care, after everything Erin, Hunter and I went through I now this love story only begins there ;) <3
Romance Writer + Med Student = My soul mates. (I'm SO marrying them both)
Okay, this photo does not look like us AT ALL, but whatevs, it's the best thing I could find.
This is an emotional ride, I felt like a menopausic woman that had taken way too many estrogens. (There's some sexy stuff going on too, I recommend you do not read this in a public place if you don't want to embarrass yourself)


Ultimate perfectation and forever favorite!


  1. LOL at the accompanying pics :) This sounds like a great read. I really like the whole rich girl turned poor concept. Might have to check this out.

  2. Great review! I'm glad you liked this book so much, I've heard such negative things about Love Story that its kind of put me off. However, you're review is making me second guess my initial judgement. The story really does sound original and sweet, and I've always been a fan of Jennifer Echols' past books. I'm going to have to read this one now for myself =)

    Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves

    P.S. I'm also a bio major so I'm loving the layout and theme of your blog!

  3. @Kristan Yeah, I heard a lot of bad reviews about it too, but the people who liked it seemed to have really love it, like me.

    And many of the bad reviews I've read are from people who really loved Going Too Far... maybe they set their expectations too high?

    I don't know, I haven't read Going Too Far but it's (almost) next on my list :)


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