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Review: Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols

Title: Going Too Far
Author: Jennifer Echols
Paperback, 245 pages
Published March 17th 2009 by Pocket Books/MTV Books
Right now I am seriously trying to figure out how to really, really kick myself. Right where it would hurt the most.
I can't believe this book came out in 2009 and I just read it for the first friggin time. I am so mad! so much time wasted!

This is a 'will-stay-with-you-for-way-long-after-you-turned-the-last-page' kind of book, which I am not that surprised to be honest, I've loved all of Jennifer Echols' books I have read so far, but this one took my love to another level.

Now, I must confess I have seen Going Too Far a lot of times before I decided to give it a try, because I just wasn't very into the 'police man falls for a high school girl' but I assure you,
it's nothing like that!
Yes, John is a policeman, but no, he's not a senior citizen, he's only nineteen; a year older than Meg. And the police stuff is not a big deal in this book, well, it is. But it isn't.
It is all about personal growing. John's and Meg's lives have both been tough, and that is what has given them such strong personalities, but that is also what appeals about them. You can't help but be drawn into their stories, and you will want to know about them and will want to comfort them. (what?? can't a girl dream of hugging a fictional character??)
we are only hugging!! gosh!!
Meg is the narrator and also one of my favorite leading ladies ever. From the start, with her enigmatic personality and apparently lack of self-love I understood she was not gonna be an ordinary main character. She knew her flaws and she was not afraid to embrace them, she didn't try to show herself as someone she wasn't, just to make people like her.
And she has blue hair.
like this but more 'I couldn't care less about my hair color'. 
This girl is saying 'Look at me, I am a model!'
John After might seem like a confident policeman at first. But his personality starts to shine through his uniform when he's with Meg.
He is one of my favorite characters ever, aswell. He knows how to trick people into believing he's an independent soul, and yes, he might be that, but he's still a child too. It broke my heart how he was afraid of showing his real emotions, because he knew that it will only take a crack to cause a major breakdown, where he will have to question all his motives to live the life he's living.
Both Meg's and John's stories behind their story were heartbreaking.
The reason why John is so obsessed with the bridge had me sobbing. And the reason why Meg is claustrophobic was impossibly sad and difficult. I found myself questioning if I would have done something different if (God forbbid) I would have been in her place.
This book is a roller coaster ride, intense and scary, but definitely worth waiting in line for hours. Tears will run at some point when you read it. And you have too. It's too amazing.

You still here?? Go get a copy and start reading! You'll thank me later (:

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  1. I've been meaning to read this book for a while but have never got around to it. Good to know it's so awesome! I definitely want to read it even more now!


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