Friday, October 14, 2011

Review: There You'll Find Me by Jenny B Jones

Title: There you'll find me
author: Jenny B. Jones
Published October 4th 2011 by Thomas Nelson


Remember I was crazy excited about this book?
remember I even made it my first Waiting On Wednesday ever? I thought I was definitely going to love this book.

Turns out I was absolutely and 100% right. Well, kind of. I l don't think I imagined I was going to love it this much.
I read it four days ago and I still think about it and smile, but let's get down to business, here's the review:

There are times when you like a book because the characters are funny or because the story is good.

There are times when you love a book, because you relate to it or maybe because it spoke to you.

And then, there are times when a book pulls at your heartstrings and makes you different than what you were before reading it. A book that changes your life, they call it. There you'll find me did that for me.

There You’ll Find Me was so much different than any book I’ve read before. It was poignant, and captivating; lyrical and beautiful, and so much more than your ordinary Young Adult book.

It starts out with this broken yet amazing girl called Finley; Finley’s brother, a CNN correspondent and a volunteer that built schools for children in Afghanistan, got killed by a bomb. Finley is so sad it hurts, I’ve read many books about grief lately, but before this one I had yet to experience reading about a sadness so deep it could suck all the oxygen out of my lungs.

Finley wants a change, so she takes off to Ireland where her beloved brother spent his senior year, and the place where he saw God.
Oh Ireland, green there does not have the same meaning than for the rest of the world.

But when she arrives to Ireland, her problems are not instantly solved like she thought they would, just the opposite. She meets Hollywood’s most famous teenage heartthrob, a gorgeous vampire playing starlet named Beckett who might or might not be a jerk, she also gets assigned to spend time with a mean grandma at the local nursing home, AND she makes an enemy, the daughter of the school principal no less.
And most important of all, she didn’t find God, nor did she find the inspiration for her song, the one she’s composing for her brother’s memory and the one that will hopefully get her accepted at NY Conservatory of music and give her some sort of closure.
There where a lot of moments when Finley thought about giving up or when she thought she had hit rock bottom; I don’t know anyone who can’t relate to that, someone who in a moment of his life hadn’t think God was not listening, that God has abandoned them, or that God did not exist.
Whatever I tell you is not going to be enough; it’s not going to make justice to the amazingness written in those pages. Someone once told me that it was easier to describe the things you hate than the ones you love; that is the truest of truths, this book to me is just indescribable. 

It’s not about religion; it’s a story about friends and family and love. It’s about people changing and people growing. It’s learning to listen. It's about seeing God. And healing.
Ireland was such a gorgeous setting. A breath of fresh air I could feel in my cheeks as I buried my face in the pages. Places I could imagine myself in, colors so bright I had to shade my eyes from, fragrances I could smell as if I was there, and music that made me smile and my eyes water. The describing part was incredibly beautiful and realistic . Kudos to Ms. Jones because it takes a serious amount of talent to achieve that.
A picture just like this one plays a HUGE role on this story.
Every character in this book touched me in a different way. Finley’s story, Beckett’s story, Mrs. Sweeney’s, The O’Callaghans’; everybody’s way of dealing with things, everybody’s fights and everybody’s words brought tears to my eyes and warmness to my heart.
This book has all the things you hoped for. Plus all the extra things you didn’t even begin to hope for, but that God gives you because he loves you that much.
*Hugs everyone*
Now here is the video for a song that I think fits this story, except maybe for the fact that Beckett is an actor and not a singer. But everything else is pretty much how Finley felt about gorgeous and sweet Beckett <3 (well, after she finds out he's not who she thinks he is)

Dim that spotlight, tell me things like,
I can't take my eyes off of you,
I'm no one special just another wide-eyed girl,
who's desperately in love with you.

And here are some funny quotes:

And this is a text message send to Finley's iPhone

Finley's dad biggest nightmare.

Double star because I love it way too much and well, why not show it my appreciation (:

PS. remember I'm a doctor in training so everything I recommed is for your own good! (:
This would be my #1 choice of treatment for heart disease (:


  1. thanks for the review. You are too kind. So glad you enjoyed the book, girl.

  2. Awesome post! This books sounds fantastic, and I can tell you really loved it :) I'll definitely have to track this one down!


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