Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekend Update (not with Seth Mayers)

Okay so the weekend is finally here! it's the best time of the week because I can finally catch up with my studying.
But I was about to pass out from boredom (who knew there were soooo many antibiotics??) so I figure I could do a weekend update...
(This post has a lot of hyperlinks, btw)

Look at him! so happy and careless! someone should show him! *throws punches at the air*

1. Have you guys read the Fine Art of Truth and Dare excerpt? The first two chapters are up at Melissa Jensen's website.
It's awesome and cute and well see for yourself :)

2. Are you excited for A Million Suns? Book #2 in the Across the Universe series by the amazing Beth Revis. If you are, then you should go right now and like its facebook page, because when they reach 5000 fans they will publish the first chapter of aMS! (only 62 more to go).

3. Have you checked the latest news about Justin Bieber?? *sarcasm* well now you have an excuse to go check out Just Jared Jr. page and enter their giveaway, a Beautiful Creatures gift set that includes a tee! <3

4. Random: I lost a piece of hair because of my own stupidity. Yes, I did it myself. I was chewing gum and tried to spit it out aiming at the trash can. But my head was bent and my hair was shielding my face and the gum catapulted at a 45 degree angle and landed on my hair. I had to cut it out ):

Hope your weekend is going well excellent! ;)

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